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Centum Learning

Centum Learning

Centum Learning

About the Company

Centum Learning was started in the year 2006 as a corporate training consultancy for corporates. Centum Learning is a leading organization in the talent development and managementlandscape offering technology enabled blended learning solutions. An ISO 9001:2015 certified company, its mission is to improve business productivity and enhance youth employability. With over 2700 learning and development specialists and domain expertise in over 21 industry verticals, Centum has skilled more than 1.5 million people globally.In India, Centum Learning has also set up Centum Work Skills India, in partnership with NSDC to enhance skills of millions of youth across the country and empower them with livelihood linked skilling programs. Centum Learning has partnered with various state governments to implement the Vocationalisation of Higher Secondary Education (VHSE) scheme in more than 1400 schools, impacting more than 1,50,000 students across 19 states in India.Centum Learning has successfully partnered with Central and State Ministries, Central Board of Secondary Education-CBSE, Public Sector Enterprises and more than 350 corporate such as Delhi Airport, Bharti Airtel, Genpact, National Bank of Kenya, Lafarge Cement and Maruti Suzuki.

Current Market Landscape

The vocational education space is undergoing tremendous changes owing to the growing technological advances that are transforming the global economic and business environment. Ever growing number of Smartphone users owing to the increasing mobile penetration in the country has come as a blessing in disguise for the industry. This has further pushed the growth of Ed-tech (education technology), helping the cause of skill development through the development of mobile training apps. These players have come a long way and also evolved their strategy to widen their scope of operations and focus on technical courses and vocational education. The advent of these vocational training courses like tower technician, domestic biometric data operator, GST accounts assistant, store ops assistant, CCTV installation technician are adding to the skills of youth to help them carve out a successful career.

The time has come when this generation is earnestly evaluating vocational education and apprenticeship as serious career paths. It is unfortunate that there still seems to be a stigma attached to this line of learning that of lack of dignity of labor. However, the target of the Skill India initiative is to formalize the informally self-learned sector.Efforts are being made to create awareness that there exists a self-learning sector which is capable of producing entrepreneurs, even pioneers and inventors. That is creating some open mindedness and acceptability of this alternate form of education which can surely accrue numerous benefits for the society.


Centum Learning is a leading global organization in the talent development and management landscape with a clear mission to improve business productivity and enhance youth employability. In line with its goals, Centum offers learning solutions over four main verticals discussed below:

Corporate Training Solutions

Centum Learning believes in delivering quality talent management & development solutions having a direct and measurable impact on key business performance.Over the years, Centum Learning through Technology enabled Blended Learning (TeBL) approach has championed the art of impacting business outcomes of global clients across multiple sectors through its customized corporate training programsanda unique Learning eXperience Platform - Centum LearnPro.

Livelihood Skilling

Centum Learning is supporting the Government of India in its ‘Skill India’ initiative through Centum Work Skills India (CWSI) which was established to enhance the skills of millions of youth across the country and empower them with livelihood linked skilling programmes in high demand industry sectors. Centum also partners with central ministries, agencies like NSDC and various other State Governments, PSUs and corporate to implement skill development projects.

Skills at schools & colleges

Centum Learning believes that the journey of a candidate, from a potential to the right talent begins with skills training at the foundation level i.e. school. With the implementation of National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) from class IX onwards, the awareness as well as demand for vocational training is beginning to soar across all levels. Further Centum also delivers vocational and capacity building training to college students and comprehensive end-to-end solutions in the skills assessment domain.

CSR Partnerships

Centum's belief in 'smart partnering' as one of the ways to create value for both businesses and society is reflected in its collaborations with corporate India to work on employability based skilling initiatives. Centum Foundation, CSR arm of Centum Learning, conducts programs impacting national issues in the field of skill development, women welfare and empowerment, vocational training, empowerment of PWDs and health awareness.

Differentiating Factors

Centum has made much headway to keep up with the times of Digital Transformation and differentiate itself from the market. Leveraging technologies like Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence is the approach Centum is trying to adapt to enable flexibility in learning. Technology-enabled Blended Learning (TeBL) is an appropriate solution through which Centum is offering customized training programmes which saves time. When blended with instructor-led training programmes, the digital training solutions that Centum offers produce remarkable results in terms of training retention, overall productivity enhancement and a better training ROI. Due to the global operations, Centum bring in the best learning practices from access of various countries to ensure enhanced learning effectiveness. The solutions in both the corporate training & vocational skilling space along with technology enabled learning solutions makes Centum different from many others in the industry as Centum caters to a larger need of the industry in the training space.

Technological Innovation

Centum launched a unique Learning eXperience Platform called ‘Centum LearnPro’ which boasts cutting edgefeatures which integrates the learning through any mode of delivery be it be self paced, classroom, live virtual or MOOCs, giving a holistic learning experience to the learner and inturn enhancing the training effectiveness.  Blended learning ensures high level of engagement thereby leading to higher retention and enabling real-time analytics to L&D and business heads on progress of each and every employee.Being in the business of training, Centum used to spend a lot in booting of the trainers in order to raise the quality of training and standardize it as per global standards. However, calling them at one location for booting used to be a costly affair which involved a lot of logistics issues. Through Centum LearnPro, virtually was done. The platform has a unique advanced feature of ‘live virtual interactive classroom with white board.’ Through this our master trainer trained all the newly joined trainers irrespective of their locations.

Organization Work Culture

At Centum, the ideology for a great workplace is deeply rooted in strong corporate value system. The organization believes in a transparent and accessible culture, which enables employees to communicate freely and openly across hierarchies and geographies. The company firmly believes that the right employee for the organization is not someone who is entirely driven by money but someone who shares our organizational vision and mission. Once the selection and hiring process is completed, the bulk of the employees are put through a very engaging and informative induction program, which are then followed by well-defined mentoring and coaching structures.


As an organization Centum’s intent has been to transform lives of the individuals and productivity of the corporate. The organization has more than 350 corporate clients withover 42 national and international awards and recognitions like featured in the Top 50 Great Places to Work in India, adjudged as Asia’s Most Trusted Company in the field of Training & Skill Development, recognized as Best Learning Partner in Africa and many more. The rapid expanse to 15 countries in the last decade and more than 3000 learning & development specialists are some of the milestones that Centum can boast about.

Future Roadmap                  

Centum is emphasizing on technology enabled blended learning as it envisages that is where the future lies. Thefirm endeavor is to get the best-in-class technology enabled blended learning solutions for the  clients , be it be a smart learning platform or a training management platform or even VR enabled training, apart from classroom trainings from entry level to leadership level. The organization has already implemented the smart learning solution – Centum LearnPro for corporate to foster a culture of continuous learning. Both the online portal & mobile based app has been made available in different vernacular languages based on the requirement. Through this model the firm is intending to replicate in the skilling fraternity as well. The use of technology is to value add to the current face to face training methodology in order to enhance learning retention.

Quick Facts:

  1. Year of Inception – 2006
  2. MD & CEO –Sanjay Bahl
  3. Office Location –New Delhi, present in 15 countries
  4. Total Headcount – 3000+
  5. Website –