• 20 Most Promising Big Data Companies 2016

    Instantaneous data of KPIs coupled with analytics helps organizations to identify the pros and cons within their business processes. But to transform such huge amounts of complex and unstructured data into actionable insights requires techniques with the speed of data analysis. The traditional methods use time-consuming algorithms for analysis which slows down the flaw identification and impacts decision-making.

20 Most Promising Big Data Companies 2016

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agilisium Consulting Raj Babu, CEO Helping the client organizations to design and build system integration, cloud migration & integration and business intelligence, analytics and big data solutions
Ayasdi Gurjeet Singh, CEO Enables simplified extraction of knowledge with the help of Topological Data Analysis (TDA) from complex data sets
Clearstory Data Sharmila Mulligan, Founder & CEO ClearStory Data simplifies data access, automates data harmonization across disparate data, and reduces business wait times for insights
Enziime Dr. Sreedhar V. Potarazu, Founder,CEO& President Accelerating healthcare innovation by harnessing the power of big data
Fuzzy Logix Partha Sen, Founder & CEO A predictive analytics software and services company that provides analytics tool for big data
Idashboards Shadan Malik, CEO Provides easy-to-use, visually-appealing and cost-effective dashboard software for clients in a wide variety of industries
Paxata Prakash Nanduri, Co-Founder & CEO Paxata offers unique solution giving business analysts the ability to rapidly turn all raw data into ready data for analytics
Qubole Ashish Thusoo, Co-Founder & CEO Qubole provides a Self-Service Platform for analyzing data stored on data stored on Amazon Web Services, Google Compute, or Microsoft Azure infrastructure
Reni Analytics Venkat N. Rajan, President & CEO Building Big Data assets for providing Richer, Finer, and Faster Analytics
Saama Suresh Katta, Founder & CEO Fluid Analytics hybrid solutions maximize existing customer infrastructure