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Ask Vivek V for Advice
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Vivek V

Vivek V

Performance Architect

Hexaware Technologies Ltd


Vivek V is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I was Raised an only child by a single mother ever since my father passed away during my eleventh grade. We've been through some of the difficult times in both financial and emotional aspects of life including supporting my education in university but looking back I feel blessed to have come through all that because it was that difficulties and ups and downs that made me strong, strong enough to start liking challenges and to treat life as a daring adventure.
Our family is based out of chennai since generations and will continue to be here for generations to come.
Advice for upcoming professionals
Never let yourself stagnate, keep a keen eye on the market out there and be more than willing to adapt yourself to change quickly and embrace major technology shifts - this applies to all professionals not just QA.
Intellectual Recommendations
1. System Performance Tuning from O'Reilly
2. Java Enterprise Performance from Compuware
3. The Art of Computer System Performance Analysis by Raj Jain
4. Beyond Performance Testing by Scott Barber
5. Fundamentals of Performance Engineering: You can't spell firefighter without IT
Advice for Additional Certifications
Success doesn't come with an extra degree. There is no stopping you, if you're insanely passionate about what you do.
Excellence of Testing Professionals
A good software test engineer is someone who has a never accept mediocrity attitude, someone who has an unquenchable hunger towards quality, someone who knows good enough is not enough and last but not least, a good software test engineer is someone who consistently thrives for excellence despite of all the challenges.
My Road map Ahead
An entrepreneur who builds products that can change people's lives
Starting Differently Again
I never wish things were different. I guess I needed all that tough times that made me discover myself, I believe God has a perfect plan tailored for each of us.
To steal steve job's line - there were a few awfully tasting medicines in my life but I guess the patient needed it.
Future of QA
We are currently experiencing unprecedented major shifts towards new technologies. Application architecture and development/testing methodologies haven't stood still since inception. Innovation is a train that simply won't stop, it's upto us to stay relevant to these shifts. Only those who are willing to put in the sweat to follow suit survives.
Involvement in the Industry
I believe in giving back to my profession. It has become an integral part of my job's function to give back to our professional community in online groups, forums and message boards.
I believe there is no better contribution or accomplishment than being a mentor in a discipline where your peers see you as a go-to person for any problems that comes in their way.
Challenges with QA domain
Again, this applies to all software professionals, not just QA. It all comes down to achieving a good balance between your work and personal life. If you can master that you can have both achievement and enjoyment that are front and back sides of a coin of value in life.
The Big Question
Everyone has quite a different perception on success. For some it's the ability to earn more money, for some it's feeling better about their accomplishments.
For me, I think it's my resilience to come out sharper and stronger from a difficulty or a challenge than I ever was. But the truth is I'm truly never satisfied with my accomplishments, I'm always on the look out to come up with or be a part of the next big thing.
The Most Important Game
It was when I newly joined in the current organization, where I had implemented one of the first performance engineering assignments (which involves testing and tuning the application/system performance) in our CoE for a critical client that has almost gone out seeking another vendor. We have made the client stick to us after this project and they never stopped recommending us to others clients ever since.
How improved your Knowladge
I read a lot of books and articles relevant to my discipline and I watch and stay closer to the rapid technology shifts in the industry. Always takes part in online discussions in our professional groups and helps others with their technical issues/problems they are facing in their work by giving back to the discipline.
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