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Vivek Swami
Vivek Swami

Vivek Swami

Founder COVRI



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Vivek Swami's Advice

Use the (scientific) tools to your advantage, not as your hammer.

With all the science for project management hanging around your neck try to remember that successful project management is really an art, not a sci... more>>
Being different
I Trust my own instincts. I often see ambitious people who get caught up in what other people say “I read blogs, I read books, and I consult with industry experts and advisors”, but none of those make my decisions for me. I think this is especially important for young people. Seeking out advice and learning from others’ mistakes is an unbelievably important part of running a startup. However, you will be faced with numerous decisions in a day and there is simply no time to read a book about every possible problem you encounter. Ultimately making good decisions is what separates great founders from everyone else. So Always Prepare for the Worst and keep alternatives.
Goals and Ambitions
First year was a great year for setting things up! We now have a tremendous team, good processes in places, a decent back office and first customers. In the near future, we are looking for volume and great partnerships. Coming years are about growth. We spent 2012 building the core platform, getting people in the right roles, and making sure we were on solid footing to start scaling. We are excited to continue to develop the Mobile Apps and Web parts and attract those who believe in our vision.
Making job easier
Doing a job analysis to discover what my role is really about as this will help me uncover the most important objectives, so that I can start prioritizing tasks effectively. Next, I try to manage my time better, communicate more effectively, and control any stress.
Company and job profile
I am Founder of COVRI Comunication & Management Solutions. Before starting COVRI I worked as a Project Manager in Beijing, China. I have been working in IT for the last 10 years, mostly in Project management for software product companies. I am passionate about the power of technology to enable change, particularly in complex enterprise operational settings. My alma maters include Rajeev Gandhi Technical University, Bhopal and Barkatullaha University Bhopal.
COVRI provides professional IT services consisting of custom software development, website design and maintenance, Mobile Apps development. We also develop Web parts/Add ons for Microsoft SharePoint . I am involved in Developing strategy/ direction for the company and Managing Financial and Physical resources
Challenges faced in job
There are several things. First, I like the opportunity to work on complex problems; if the problem faced were simple, every one would think about becoming an entrepreneur. Second, I enjoy working with smart, motivated, and professional people – both within my firm and at my clients. Third, I like the variety; we work on different projects on average every 3-4 months.. Lastly, I like seeing the impact of my work become evident in a relatively short period of time.
Family Background
My Father Mr. G.K Swami, now retired, is an Electrical Engineer who served the Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board and Mother Mrs. Vandana Swami is a house wife. We are three siblings of which I am the youngest. My two elder sisters are married and well settled in Mumbai. My wife Alka Swami is a Chartered Accountant and works in Hyderabad.
Managing professional as well as personal life
When I wake up in the morning, I have a list of to-do’s in my mind for the day both professional and personal. I prefer to plan work for the day, plan in a way where I have buffer time left for myself. Push some tasks for the next day, if the task is too important and has to be completed the same day, then send a note home that I will be late as I try not to work overtime. Having memorable weekends and holidays with family definitely helps balancing professional and personal life.
My advice
With all the science for project management hanging around your neck try to remember that successful project management is really an art, not a science. It is the art of managing others to get them to do what you know needs to get done. It doesn't matter how well you know how to track requirements, manage risk, etc.; it's about how successful your team is against the goal before them. Use the (scientific) tools to your advantage, not as your hammer.
My role model
My Father is my Role Model. He was born and brought up in a very small city and that too in a very normal family. He did Engineering on scholarship and started working after graduation rather than going for higher studies but encouraged me for higher studies. His dedication towards job and accolades he received always motivates me to work hard and excel towards my goals. COVRI became a reality for me because of his support and guidance.
Current Trends
A variety of mobile-friendly changes in SharePoint 2013 enable better user experiences across devices, a must these days for multi-platform and bring-your-own-device environments. On the social front, Microsoft wants to put a whole lot more "share" in SharePoint, new tools such as Community Sites should go a long way toward better meeting modern expectations for social and collaboration interactions. Of course, it's not just about social and mobile. Search is front and center. Developers can publish their apps to SharePoint's public store, or to corporate stores built specifically for the user communities they support. Microsoft is pushing its cloud app model here, although it supports a diverse set of development language and tools. And of course, the SharePoint store will include third-party apps for companies that don't want to be in the development business. A host of publishing, design, legal and management enhancements are part of the newest release, too.
My important career decision
Decision to go and work in China was an important one as this paved way for future development. Thought and experience to start COVRI came when I was in Beijing and I founded COVRI as soon as I returned back to India.
My strongest Skill
Problem solving, Teamwork ,Drive to achieve ,Personal impact
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
This is not completely true that we don’t make a single tech product in India, Tally is doing good in Indian market as it addresses specific accounting problem related to Indian businesses and they have gone big. The risk appetite of Indian entrepreneurs is the main reason we are not known for product s. Moreover very few product entrepreneurs develop a product keeping only India in mind. In my opinion one should start with a hybrid model of service providers and product development so that dependency on investors/VCs for running the company can be reduced which is one of the reasons for failure of Product based companies.
Books recommended
There are a number of excellent books for the PMP Exam on the market. But don't forget the the PRIMARY book that you have to read is the PMBOK Guide (

Then I always recommend the following 2 books for this:

1.) PMP Exam Success by Outercore (… This book also comes with a CD that contains around 1,000 questions.

2.) PMP Exam Prep by Rita Mulcahy ( this is of course the "best" of all PMP prep books and many have used it.
My achievement
A strong global network of friends I have is my most valuable achievement in life.
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