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Ask Vijay Kumar Poopalan for Advice
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Advice Request
Vijay Kumar Poopalan
Vijay Kumar Poopalan

Vijay Kumar Poopalan


STB Power Tech & Automation

Initiative to develop a country
Create More Jobs For Value Addition and IT Services
Degree that I recommend
Doctorate in Digital Marketing
My strongest skill
Market-driven professional with a progressive management career in the Telecom, Retail and FMCG industries. Skilled at developing and executing targeted business initiatives that drive customer growth, achieve sales objectives, and enhance bottom-line profits. Highly effective communicator and team leader with proven ability to build long-term relationships with internal and external customers by establishing a high level of confidence and trust. Visionary leader with a keen understanding of business priorities and demonstrated expertise in rapidly advancing business goals to revenue-generating activities.
Proven leadership with 14 Years of Expertise in Sales, Operations, Distribution & Marketing in FMCG, Telecom & Telecom Retail with MBA from Premium Institute.
My family background
Basically agrarian family, Mother is House Wife, Father No More, Sister is in Australia, Brother is running SME in Industrial Machines, My self MBA from VIT 99, Worked with Big Corporates for 14 years, currently started building my own company
Brief description about me
Open Minded, Never give up, If God is not mercy try hard to be mercy to get it with experience and hard work, hard work = experience, Positive thinker, helping nature, God Fearing, I Respect Elders, MBA from Premium Institute VIT, Having 14 Years Experience in Big Corporates
More about myself
We are from STB power tech and automation, my self Vijayakumar. P managing partner would like to brief you about what we do in our establishment, we will undertake any kind of electrical panel board fabrication, electrical design, electrical wiring, PLC design and programming at very competitive price and highest standard.

We also undertake turnkey projects in food processing industries industrial ovens, industrial furnace, conveyors, industrial dryers, heating elements, special purpose SS tanks, MS tanks, structural fabrication, r & d projects, since we have complete set of manpower in mechanical designing and fabrication with more then 25 years experience.

We do fabrication and assembling and supply various types of PCCS, MCCS, relay panels, control desks, LV drives, low voltage system panels, TMP panels, RTU panels, PLC panels, bus ducts etc. , and activities of designing, developing of cable trays, cable raceways, special types,
Important lesson learned
Still Learning, But with my Experience Hard Work, Dedication, Foresee, Strategic Career Planing, Multi Tasking, Understand Your World Time to Time, Honest, Discipline, Assertiveness, Most Important Communicative with responsiveness, these Qualities will take any one to Top Level
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Leader is Unconditional Supportive, No Partial treatment in group, Multi Tasking, Imperative, Most Important is Effective Communicator, Demonstrate High Values through Positive Actions, Not to criticise any one in Public, Take responsibility of failure, Share the Success with Team, Positive Thinking, Calculative decision Maker, Understand the Behaviour of group which he or she works, transparent ranking system among the group, create healthy environment for team to perform, Should Know Where to give Authority, Liberty, Decision making, Master in Task allocation and Execution all this will lead a leader to be successful
Ensuring success
We are constantly striving to expand our business horizons and have an ongoing commitment to participate in new ventures, reach new markets and experience paradigm shifts. We see ourselves as a pioneering industrial organisation, as our current titles display, and seek to provide a 360 degree service and product excellence offering to clients.

STB power tech & automation provides organisations with a distinct industrial offering thereby enabling them to share their pursuit of business excellence.


STB power tech & automation serves as a industrial platform for celebrating business transformation excellence.


Through committing ourselves to professionalism, accountability and teamwork, our company is projected as having a ''client-centric approach''.
My role model
My father is my Role Model, and my mother is Big Support in my terrible times, she gives me confidence by way of her contribution in parenting in our difficult times with small earnings, she thought me to leave dignity, honest and respectful even in difficult times
My achievements
I am not yet proud off to be a citizen of this country, since till date my contribution to this society is very minimum, I Have lot to Achieve, Its only an beginning but All this time I prepared for that, I feel Time as come to Prove a point that i do also worth for this country
Thoughts on Education system of our country
need based, Over all Development, Like child need good habits, discipline, commitment, Physical Exercise, Diplomacy, General Knowledge like social system, Industry, Service, Philanthropy, Human being Etc.,
Couple of years from now
Through committing ourselves to professionalism, accountability and teamwork, our company is projected as having a ''client-centric approach We are intended to lead big corporate having a big size and big volume
Important decision
After MBA from VIT in 99 Started Working Till 2010 then Taken a decision to Start Building My Company to make it Big Its a Big decision in my Life, Currently Running Successfully, want to Scale up the Volume and Value, I Do Also Taken Decision to Diversify slowly and Study, To reach the Excellence
Influenced by
First and fore most I Influenced by my father who is Highly Multi dimensional , thinker, go getter, Great Bargainer, Effective Organiser, Honest, Strategist, Helpful to the needy in terms of advise, mentor to many people, still he is my influencer, he influenced lot in me,
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