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Ask Venkateswaran Chittoor Venkatsubramanian for Advice
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Venkateswaran Chittoor Venkatsubramanian
Venkateswaran Chittoor Venkatsubramanian

Venkateswaran Chittoor Venkatsubramanian



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Contribution to the field
Mostly i have worked in marketing and statutory compliances. I would list winning some exciting battles with customs authorities through ingenious means, and with sales tax an income tax authorities through my gathered knowledge as some of those achievements i have been cherishing for long these measures saved the company i worked for lacs of rupees as penalties.
Family Background
I come from a lower middle class family with great values. My father is a graduate of 1940 and a great lover of individual freedom he gave us all the freedom in the world i have 2 sisters who are educated and employed and a brother who is a very intelligent engineer beyond his academic record. My wife works for government and have two school going children in class ix and vii both are smart and intelligent i expect them to emulate and excel me.
Done Differently:
I believe in destiny. Even though i had intense desire to be an entrepreneur, this i guess was in my dna as my father was also a businessman in his early years, i had hesitation in taking the plunge due to lack formal technical education. Circumstances drew me to the quest of entrepreneurial skill building. So i do not think i would have done anything differently if i were to start all over again.
The Decisions That Matter
The decision to call it quits from a job I was with for 23 long years probably helped me to find a firm footing in the list of budding entrepreneurs of India.
Growth Strategy:
I am looking for a mentor to share my ideas and improvise on them. I have solicited help from some known sources and i am awaiting feedback. I am constantly learning from my peers, subordinates, friends to hone my skills.
Career Profile:
I have to be responsible and as well accountable to any decision relating to various functions such as production, planning, finance, accounts, purchase, labor relations, compliance with many statutes etc. This role earlier was subject to supervision which is now not there as a stakeholder in the company i have floated I have fullest freedom to take decisions.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
I am not modest and believe modesty is a highly overrated virtue but i do not think i have accomplished anything worth mentioning thus far. However i would like to be counted as a man who believed in making, selling products that provide value for money for the customer.
Plans For The Future:
Dr Kalam wanted every one of us to dream and i dream to be heading a 100 million company in a couple of years from now.
Working Life Management:
I find it difficult especially my spouse does not share most of my dreams. Because of different styles of upbringing, normally women tend to like security to risk and success is always proportional to risks. I am trying hard to win her confidence by reaching my goal of heading a 100 million company by 2015 nothing succeeds like success
Role Model:
It is lee iacocoa through his immortal book and Anand Mahindra through his dedicated work which has brought m&m as the second largest car maker in the nation i have a role model in my father who taught to me face challenges and be truthful to words and deeds and also my former employer mr md jos who at 77 still works hard and has many new products to his credit.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
It has become more informal now and more demanding because we are constantly judged by everyone. There is a sense of fear amongst us in living up to the changed expectancies from every stakeholder from his boss.
Required Reading:
Some of the biographies of Akio Marito, lacocoa, Steve jobs and some books authored by the prodigious bill gates, the book on leadership skills, are really motivating and exciting. There is no general formula on what to read and what not to read but it depends on interest of the individual although inspiring stories are a must read. I have also been impressed by the goal teaching the tenets of theory of constraints.
The Journey So Far:
I have just taken a few baby steps with my limited understanding but I get inspired continuously by corporate success stories especially those of which first time Entrepreneurs.
Professional Strengths:
I am a learner and i constantly seek to improvise. I am a team man and engage with all my team members encouraging them to share their ideas and views. I can be motivational through what i believe certain inherent qualities engrained in my DNA.
Job Profile:
I have started a closely knit company with few people to whom I can delegate I understand as an individual I have limitations in respect of domain knowledge which I constantly try to improvise with interactions through my circle of friends in various domains. I am fully conscious that delegation is part.
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