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Ask Venkat Rao for Advice
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Advice Request
Venkat Rao
Venkat Rao

Venkat Rao

Civil Engineer

Aima Construction Company Pvt. Ltd

My brief description
As i already told you in my previous email that i am a Civil Engineer by Profession. I am currently working as Senior Planning Engineer for a company by name ODG-HADEN part of Norfolk Group, It’s a Multinational with operations in India and Asia Pacific region. I have 9 years of Professional work experience upto date. I have multi disciplinary experience’s not limiting to Industrial/Commercial/Residential and infrastructure Projects in
India, Maldives and Mining Resource Projects in Australia.

Challenges in job
Every day is a new challenge and new objectives to be met, just trying best to understand market movements and staying focussed on self development to achieve my long term goals as well as short term Goals. Current Job is keep myself quite busy ,some projects at Bidding stage, Some already work in Progress.
In the near future with all my experiences in working for different
engineering companies, this will boost my morale to help me take
decisions quickly.

Job made easy
Usage of right tools/equipment for the relevant tasks to perform makes not only me but every ones job easier – provided they are trained and made aware of how to use the same to get job done efficiently and safely,Trust me if followed this principles saves lot of time and energy.

Upcoming Trends
Currently the state i am living in is Western Australia and here the
Job trend is more into Resource Sector, such as Oil and Gas, Mining Projects ,Iron ore, Bauxite, Uranium etc. My good understanding of these sectors and also keep an eye on other retail Markets will be on priority and potentially if got a chance then might establish myself in the market with known contacts of providing services in Project Controls and management, adding a Masters degree is also on agenda but not sure when and where ? All these should be a game changer, fingers crossed if things go well as is.

My point of view
Important viewpoints to discuss when got time in future more elaborately.
a.What initiatives does Govt. of India takes to prevent Talent drain to other countries ?
b.How much Govt. of India invests in Research and Development works in all fields in general ?
c.If Politics is a big business in our country and Corruption is
part/parcel inevitable part of this system , then we should adopt Communism soon like CHINA rather then being democratic since independence with no significant gain.

In this Technological era, only thing makes sense to every
Professional or for that matter any Entrepreneur that is Constant upgrading knowledge as far as possible and keeping pace with the latest products/patents coming out from local and global level.
Example: We in India might invent something now which at global level has become obsolete, The only way to overcome this phenomenon is through Education(KEY) – Update CURRICULUM put forward by State & Central Government on 2 year basis from year 12 to University levels.
Schools and Colleges should give freedom and flexibility to all
students without discrimination and ask them to come up with
innovative ideas all time and every time, nurturing and guiding from that point will make them feel good and also thinking why and what would be the outcome finally. Upgrading versions to any product is easy.

Gone are my days when we sit in classroom thinking about Grades who came first and who failed, we should come out of this donkey driven style mechanisms ASAP. If students cannot decide about their Goals, then parents/teachers should participate and help them to come up with their own plan so
that they aspire initially short term goals and over a period of time eventually converging to long term Goals.
Due to lack of finances, funding in Research and Development
investments in all the areas by the Government is the biggest problem we have as of now. Sometimes also due to lack of Patience and Perseverance young minds are driven by force to achieve something totally different which they

My goals
I have a broad outline plan for myself personally and professionally for my career and my family. In terms of building a strong foundation for my Yagitila Group , i am focused and dedicated fully since 2007, so far so good all is well. Slowly but steadily keeping track of things i presume that i am heading on right path as of now.hope no Plan B pops in along the way, but with more support from my colleagues/Business contacts help and by Gods willingness. I am ready to contribute something for Mother India sooner than later.

Family background
I belong to a middle class family, basically from Devisetty Palli
Village,(Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh), i was just born there but brought up and all my education happened in Goa. Family details as below:

About my family members:

Sweet Mother : She is illiterate, she is housewife from day1 since marriage.
Dynamic Father: He just 5th class pass in telugu medium, he worked in Army camp as administrative worker for 35+ years, now he is now retired, currently actively constructing a 4 storeyed building first home for us in Bangalore(Electronic City) , he is 67 now.
Elder Sister: She is just 10th Pass , married to a Army man currently working in Pune has 3 kids, 2 girls and 1 boy.
Younger Brother: He is a Computer Engineer currently working in Singapore, i believe he just changed to a new company from Microsoft to JP Morgan.(Unmarried)
Youngest Sister: She finished her Bachelors in Computer Applications from Goa University, married with a baby boy and Husband working for some Software company and she is working from home for GE-Genpact at Bangalore.
My Lovely wife: She finished her Master’s in Education , was teaching in Kurnool district of AP, now housewife living with me in Australia looking forward to start work in the near future here or in India once ,my Kids start rolling to school.
My Elder Son: ARJUN - 2 years old now.
My younger Son: AKASH  - 2 months old now.

Advice to professionals
My advise : Take up your first Job ignoring the Montary gains out of it, dedicate yourself to this job with your fullest potential to understand first and then start delivering results – In the meantime the company’s management will be closely watching your efforts. Once you start understanding the knowledge that you gained over period of your studies and its application in real time real world, apply common sense to come up with more efficient ways of managing routine works.

Should never get bogged down by negative energies ever in life with the bosses words or from elsewhere, Just stay focussed from the Goals that you have already set in for long & Short term always. If too much stressed with work and pressure – just take one step back, relax, take a break, drink a glass of water and give it a thought that there are 7 billion people on this planet to think and you are accounted as one of them. Keep in mind always, If success comes at some cost then failures also incur cost. No company want to invest or hire someone just to pay for doing nothing – Work is worship and also money to live a reasonable life in today’s highly competitive world. So not only work for company but
also to live. Last but not the least – Mentally be prepared to be able to adapt for changes happening every second in Personal and Professional life.

Advice ot students
I passed out from Goa University – The only message to all budding Graduates and also other colleagues at large is:

Excluding the circumstances based category, A complex World is out there for everyone to understand and come up with ideas which will make Earth a better place to live in (Peace & Harmony). If you want to widen your horizons please come out of the Frog-Well situation, otherwise it will be too late to add meaning to your professional development and Unjust done to your potential and to your Education.

With my up to date experience’s i think It’s a simple and very
straight forward calculation which should be given a good thought by every professional. Life Scenario : Say by 30 years of age, you have finished your studies
in time, got some experiences working, got married, couple of kids. Guessing 60 years as retirement age than, effectively you have only 30 years left of your life to benchmark up to your capacities and limits that you wish to achieve or be in life.

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