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Usha Iyer Mohan
Usha Iyer Mohan

Usha Iyer Mohan


The Bangalore school

Initiative to develop a country
The professionals need to keep national goals in their mind and need to see their personal and professional goal matches with those of the progress of the nation.
It's very easy as such in my career as an educationist.
We are in the process of moulding young minds. So our constant endeavour is to make the children good citizens of India. There is a lot of effort on the part of teachers and principals and directors like us to incorporate national integration as a part of the curriculum. If each and every child understands his or own rights and duties and also realises that we have to rise above the caste, creed, communism , racialism . Then we can make a better place to live in. Peace and harmony has to be taught so that we are not
On the warring foot always.
My role model
I was always inspired by late prime minister indiragandhi and pandit jawaharlalnehru. Being a Scorpio like them I had the determination of becoming someone like them. . I used to pretend giving lecturers and sermons like them. I was also impressed by the news readers on the radio and tv and wanted to be a orator like them . Probably all this inspired me subconsciously and I became a principal and probably an entrepreneur.
But in the recent past I have been a fan of shred Abdul Kalam ko and started dreaming big like him.
I think each one of us should have role models and I feel very happy when my students on Facebook say that I am their role model.
Important lesson learned
The children constantly teach you many things. I learnt to love and that my tiny tots in the kindergarten taught me how to be loving and caring. My directors whom I worked with whether it was the Bed college where I was a lecturer or heading a school as a headmistress , I have learnt from them to be grounded and down to the earth. I have admired my director for one reason is that he knew how to make each one of us special.

When I was working abroad I was really impressed by the Indian community how they stood by each other irrespective of what community they belonged to and I wished we had that feeling India.
In Nigeria I was moved by the Nigerian parents who gifted me a lot of things and called me a true Nigerian. I realised it pays to be a roman if you are in Rome.
One thing which I must share is the people like you if have the right attitude, and look upon you if you really know how to take them along with you. Being in the position of a leader is not easy.
More about myself
Opportunities knock only once. We should know how to grab the opportunity when it comes to you. No job is small or big. Take up the challenges and climb the ladder slowly. There is no easy way to success. I have never ran behind money and I advise everyone to do that. Money automatically follows you if you are talented and hard working.
My strongest skill
People management is a art and I think it comes very easily to me.Training is another arena which i can do well. Communication and presentation skills is what I train my teachers on. Principals are basically good academicians but administration is my forte and I enjoy it. I thank the opportunities which came my way which made me enhance my skills. Apart from all this human resource and curriculum making is where my expertise lies.
Important decision
The decision of choosing arts as my subject against sciences as my parents wanted. I decided to to become a teacher against hotel management which became my turning point. My coming to Bangalore from the small town before my marriage was again a great change . There are many things which I think was very trivial as compared to ones I mentioned above.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Patience. Endurance. Go getting attitude, dynamism, dignity, benevolence, charisma, smooth talker, convincing ability, smart personality and over and above a team player
Ensuring success
I am like obama and I believe in change is the order of the day.
We need to learn new things and change ourselves with the growing technology and the era. If we don't change our outlook then we will be taken over by others.
I like to constantly evolve and grow professionally and in knowledge, I keep myself abreast with the curriculum.methodolgy and technology and try to incorporate it in every possible way.
My achievements
I am very proud of my achievements. I have never regretted of not doing hotel management and becoming a teacher. I have taken up many challenges in my life. I have always felt that no job is high or low . But never stopped of dreaming big . Although I have become a director and I own my own preschool but I still dream of starting primary and high school. I know I could have always done better but I knew that there was no short cut for success. I am proud I was born to such lovely parents and I miss them each day as my mom was the biggest inspiration.
Brief description about me
My name is usha Mohan and my maiden name is usha iyer. I started my career at a very young age . I was just 19 when I started teaching. I taught at scholars home , dehradun, my father was abroad and had gone for an assignment. He was unaware that I had taken up a job. He wanted to enroll me in Pusa institute but destiny had something else in store for me. I taught in Dun valley for four years and went to Bangalore . Here I was working in a school as an assistant headmistress in a state school. I got married in the same year. 1989. I joined as a middle school teacher.
After a short stint of working as a lecturer in a college in Bangalore and heading their kindergarten section till 1997 , I left for Jeddah as that's where my husband got a job.
I was teaching there in an international school and was amazing as there was a different culture and so was in Nigeria. Back in India I ran an international school as a principalfor ten years and now I run my own school called the Bangalore schoo
Couple of years from now
I see my self as the most successful entrepreneur . My school has been ranked as the top twenty preschools of Bangalore. I want the Bangalore school to be as one of the model schools and I as such want to be one of the top ten educationist in India.
Degree that I recommend
Yes. You need to be nursery, primary or Bed qualified if you want to be a teacher. If you are an Med or PhD then you can head an institution .
My family background
I belong to a family of academicians in the sense both the parents were very good in studies. My father had four gold medals from loyala college , chennai and my mother got married just as she wanted to do her Bsc honours. She topped in Sanskrit and got a cent percent and the college authorities forced her do graduation but she couldn't .
My father started iyer academy in dehradun after retirement where my mom , dad and we all taught . So probably the teaching was in my blood.
We all are four sisters and my father made sure that we were all educated well. Two of us are entrepreneurs and the other two sisters are bankers and lecturer
My husband is a charted accountant and runs his own consultancy and I am blessed with three kids
Influenced by
My mom was my inspiration and a great person whom I looked upon . She has been encouraging me at every point in my life. I am whatever today it's because if her. Her support was immense and she was always there when I was in the verge of giving up and tell me. A lot of stories of great people who never gave up easily. It kept me going. She always wanted to work and study as she could not she saw her dreams getting fulfilled through us. She was so happy and proud of my achievements and boast about it
My husband is a staunch supporter. I feel I would have never achieved so much but for him. He has never told me at any point of time told me to quit my job. When I told him that I am quitting my job as a principal to start my own school . He supported me whole heartedly. He helped me financially and emotionally. I am thankful to this two people in my life.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
The quality of education in India in not in par with many countries like canada, newzealand and Finland.
We need to improve our system of education
1. We should do away with rote memorisation
2. We should do away with stringent examination system
3. The children should love to come to school.
4. The teaching style, methodology and curriculum has to undergo a sea of change.
5. If we can create an environment where children learn in real life situation
6. The resources what the schools are providing the kids are not in par with the countries abroad
7. We need to provide license to all the preschools as the preschools are not conforming to the rules of early childhood and the kids suffer as the parents chose a wrong school for them
8. Our Indian schools are not bothered to procure fire safety and get certificates of being a safe and sensitive school which I think it's essential
9. Our Indian curriculum and the kids are the best but the way it's imparted to our kids is not right
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