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Ask Anindya Kumar Banerjee for Advice
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Anindya Kumar Banerjee
Anindya Kumar Banerjee

Anindya Kumar Banerjee

NComputing Inc


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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
Born in a middle class family with two children, born in "City of Joy" brought up in the steel city of Bhilai been through the worries of India-Pakistan war in 1971 as a child, studied in CBSE school younger child in family. Mother a teacher, Father a worker, have a wife and two sons aged 10 & 15yrs
The Journey So Far:
Began in 1989 with a US based company shifted gears to become a faculty in CAD (Design) enjoyed, shifted to e-Governance firms, education domain organisations and ultimately back to a US based IT firm into Desktop Virtualisation. Currently heading Strategic Marketing and Regional Head for the area.
Required Reading:
To be honest I would say books could be "You can Win" "7 Habbits", Websites can be google, astalavista and tech sites, referring some publication would be BPB and Techmedia but overall would request the upcoming heroes of tomorrow to stick to basic "never say no" and "learn to say no" to go ahead.
Other Thoughts:
Well without this habit of sharing one can never grow/out grow and one has to be passionate about what he/she does and always should be keen to learn from anyone junior or senior, rich or poor, learning has no end so one has to keep this practice to move ahead in life.
Growth Strategy:
I am keen to learn and share always respect seniors and keep my mind open to reach out to people at large mainly student community of today who are way ahead of their times, grow my network in all domains so that my learning process continues.
Advice For New Professionals:
Expect the unexpected, be ready to share, look into the mistakes, reduce dependency on google, spend time in sessions with domain experts, use the skill of learning one new thing a day and proceed in life. Spare time for family at all cost maintain balance between work and family.
Plans For The Future:
As CEO of an organisation which works on good governance.
I always have set short, mid and long term goals and achieved them, belonging to a small town of Bhilai have roamed around the metros and out grown my competition, never failed an interview in life hence am sure will reach this goal too.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Not much in India "POLITICS" still RULES and in corporate it is evident that environment has always a black sheep or a group who think selfishly and rarely
work selflessly.
I found great motivators and leaders and have kept eyes and ears open most of the times and when have faltered have accepted it
Role Model:
My father has been a role model for me, as he was a 10th pass and was a self made man to have acquired all amenities in life including best education for me and sister. He is no more with me but has taught me certain basics which I have found useful in phases on my 46years of life and still do.
The Decisions That Matter
At least what I found that I work on impulse rather than with mind while leaving a firm I work for. I took decisions to leave a job and then look for the next and believe me have gown just because of courage, betrayed by many hurt none am happy to be known as a "jabardast" rather than a "common guy"
Career Profile:
I have joint responsibility:
[1]. Regional Manager for East, CG & MP (Develop large deals in government domain)
[2]. Head Strategic Marketing-BD (for tie ups with accounts where mutual benefit is the key)
It is a developing organisation where "FREEDOM" comes before "performance" & this helps growth.
Working Life Management:
That is tough one but since we have satellite office (work from home) do find time to be with family and somehow maintain work life balance though my family will never agree as I travel almost 20days a month.
What ever time I give to family is quality time, may differ as condition apply*
Degrees That Matter:
I strongly believe that two things are MUST:
[1]. ENGLISH Language skill set
[2]. MATHEMATICS fundamentals
Rest is history as these two teach you in practical life better things and rising above expectations turns to reality.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Being named as CHAMPION by UNDP in 2006 for Mobile Governance project. Helping 624 students earn livelihood in & outside India based on my training & still maintaining relationship offline and online with me even after a gap of 12-15years. I am proud of my wife without whom I could not be what I am.
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