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Ujjwal Bhalla
Ujjwal Bhalla

Ujjwal Bhalla




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Brief description about me
I Started Working as Free Lance during my college days in small events and gained Experience, in the field of Event and Sports Management.I completed my Masters Degree in Mass Communication in 2010.My Sports Management experience started of with IPL Season 1 and then Season 3 and 4 where I was right at the bottom of the food chain as Accreditation Assistant.Everything Changed in 2010 when I joined Media department at Commonwealth Games.Since then, I have worked in Winter Youth Olympics,worked in International Cricket and then came super opportunity with badminton giant Yonex.Learned Marketing from them in sport and recently joined another sport giant LI-NING as Marketing head of India region.During this period, I have learnt much.I learned the values of teamwork and commitment,how to win, how to work hard,how to concentrate and focus on goals, and how to balance my time and priorities. The passing years offered me a good chance to to give full play to my creativity and diligence.
My role model
My Role model are not top businessman. I am inspired by somebody like Nando Parrado, Nick Vuijicic . They inspire me that whatever my condition is I am still in better than they were. Nothing is impossible, fight till you die and believe in yourself.

I always look to reach stars than sky and this will of mine has brought me to this height today and its the 1st step of ladder.
Influenced by
To be honest,I got influenced when I met my current mentor Egon Theiner who is well known name in International skiing authors.I contacted him via Linked In asking for any vacancies at Youth Olympics in Austria2012. He read my emotional mail and wrote back and scheduled me a skype interview.With no winter games experience,I got through when I told them that press operations remain the same,doesnt matter if its - or + 40. After I met him he told me that he liked my attitude and will to work which made me realize that if one stranger can be influenced by you than why not yourself. So,its me ,myself and nobody else. I surprise myself and people around me every now and then.
My achievements
From Accreditation Assistant to Head Marketing ...I am very proud of myself. From 200Rs a day in an event to 6 figure salary today ,its very proud feeling .

But biggest achievement was when I became Media Manager at Winter Youth Olympics for CURLING in 2012 and was told I am the only India to do that by WCF.I managed Media at such huge event in sport in which my country doesnt even participate or many people dont even know about.
Important lesson learned
Always believe in yourself and not what people say. Follow you heart and walk the path of your goal. Chase the dreams in the day that you see in the night. There is no shortcut to anything.
Important decision
Professionally , leaving one company and going to another is part of the career but for me its very tough . You leave your colleagues, your table and everything you made during the period you were there.

But biggest I take these days is cancelling some player contract. The relationship you have made with them was only till that date mentioned on paper and nothing else. Its very important to take such decisions but that is the only bad part about my job.
Degree that I recommend
Mass Communication is very good . If Sports Marketing from foreign country is within your budget or FIFA Course, do it.
My family background
My Dad has good furnishing house here in Chandigarh which I am not interested in at all. Mom is house maker and 1 elder sister who is married some 6 years back.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Our Education system is not good at all. I am still waiting for the day when I would use algebra for which I have got so many punishments and beating back in the day. It should be upto kid to decide as what he wants to do and just taught that and not everything. In school we test memories and not brains. I am no professional at it but changes are required.
Couple of years from now
Couple of years ...!!! In a more senior role in my company and hopefully shifted to some international location.
Initiative to develop a country
I dont know about others but I try and help a lot of kids by giving them racquets and clothes who want to play badminton . Sports is something which teaches you all parts of life. Happiness,sadness,teamwork are all parts of life and sports. People like me should come together and help kids who are future of the country to play more of sports and help them study as well and make India a better place and take steps in making it developed than developing.
Ensuring success
My Motto is very simple -With a healthy body, with the solid professional knowledge, with the youthful passion keep working hard and live life to fullest. I have come up a pretty good level, I am sure I must be doing something right ,so I will continue to do that.
My strongest skill
Honesty,hard-work and commitment.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Become the leader by leading your team and not ordering it.
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