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Tom Woznick
Tom Woznick

Tom Woznick

Worldwide Talent Promotion and MLM Promotion Worldwide

Snotu and Online MLM 411

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Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
Hardcore is much more aggressive but not always more successful, in fact many times in alienates customers which can actually end up doing more harm than good. With online marketing, one can still be aggressive without being too aggressive.
Current Job description
I am the CEO of 2 up and coming websites that will help millions while earning a lot if handled correctly.

Snotu = is the Social Network Of Talent Undiscovered - this company will promote talent worldwide.
Online MLM 411 = this website is initially going to be a listing of the top ten money making opportunities.

I have put Snotu you on the back burner because I am going to need a software developer, partner, or investor to make it happen.

Online MLM 411 is an opportunity for me to get out there in social media, get to know a lot of people and hopefully earn enough revenue to fulfill my dreams of Snotu. I have actually been told by many that Snotu could challenge Facebook, while this has never been my goal, it would be nice.

I would like to partner with you on one or both of these and because if these are handled correctly they will be quite lucrative, so I hope that this interests you. I am willing to accept any reasonable offer.

Tom Woznick
Skype: hw.coo
My family background
I am from the US and my ancestry comes from Germany, Poland, and Wales ( in that order ). My wife is Filipino and Chinese, thus my son is a rainbow of nationalities. Both my wife and I grew up in the Catholic faith. As a Christian I have learned the value of helping others.

Help me to help millions.
Upcoming Trends
With Snotu many of the Entertainment fields are changing drastically and once I have Snotu in the marketplace it is sure to help with this transition of traditional business to the online and digital business of the future.

With Online MLM 411, the upcoming trends seem to involve starting up large groups and working toward making everyone successful. In the past, so called Gurus would keep the best techniques to themselves, but the latest trend is to give as much of this away as possible.
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
I have already helped some people with Snotu connecting people and giving advice and I know when this company is ready to go live online it will make a significant difference in the industry and also in the world in general.

With Online MLM 411 all of the things I learn will be passed on to help people in my team.
Handling new territory
This is a difficult task and I more than likely will experience this with Online MLM 411 however Snotu will not likely have the same issues as its profits will come mostly from advertising.
Importance of brand image
Brand Image is extremely important in the open market. There is so much competition in the world today, a company's Brand Image can make them stand out about the rest, thus making them much more successful.
Effect of sales on an organization
Improper sales techniques can bury a company. Online MLM 411 will face stiff challenges, unless I get help from someone or I figure this out on my own.

For Snotu, this again will not be much of an issue because advertising will be where the majority of its revenue will come from. Now because of what Snotu will do for so many, its likely popularity will bring in a lot of advertising revenues. Also because of what it will do, Snotu will have many other ways to monetize itself.
My advice to upcoming professionals
Upcoming professionals will need to understand the MLM marketplace well because not only is it highly competitive, the nature of the business is highly skeptical for customers, therefore it already has a built in challenge. So someone in this field has to be very supportive of their clients and have someone special to offer for free or close to free to survive.

Snotu again would be much easier for upcoming professionals because Snotu will promote any talent and everyone has some talent.
Essential skills
For Snotu, they simply need to be talented at anything.

For Online MLM 411 they would need to be good at marketing, seo, and be very convincing because the competition is so vast.
Education system in India
I am not all that familiar with the education system in India but I am pretty sure it is inadequate in some areas of India. However, there are many successful Indians in the IT areas and so this shows that there is hope for all Indians in the near future.

I actually have ideas that will help India, the US and many other countries when it comes to education.
Becoming good marketing professionals
Yes, the things that one needs to learn to be successful at sales will be very helpful in marketing. That being said, they are not exactly the same but if one understands sales and how to be successful with it they will not have much of a learning curve in marketing. This is true in many ways but of course any sales team needs a good marketing team so they should have a good understanding of each other.
Essential qualification required
With Snotu one only needs to take advantage of their talents to succeed in this field.

With Online MLM 411 one should understand marketing, SEO, blogging and many other techniques to be successful. As stated earlier, this is a difficult business and one needs to stick with and learn as much as they can from everyone and everything they encounter.

A final note, I am very serious about my offer to partner with you. Please at least consider my proposal, so many would benefit and of course you would earn a significant income. My ideas are also outside of these 2 companies and I am willing to change them to make them even better than they already are.

Tom Woznick
CEO Snotu, THIS, THAT, Online MLM 411
Skype: hw.coo
Motivating team members
Snotu will motivate its team members because of what it is and how it will help so many.

With Online MLM 411 motivation will come through success, so I will have to be successful myself to motivate others and keep them from loosing their hopes.
Developing a country
Actually India is a very large country will a whole lot of people, so ordinarily I would say this would be a difficult venture. However, I truly believe the ideas I have would help India to become a developed country. I am serious and I hope that you will consider my offer, and if not hopefully a group of your clients will be interested.
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