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Tibor Shanto
Tibor Shanto

Tibor Shanto

Sales Effectiveness

Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.


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Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
I don't think you can say which is better, but more which is best for the situation. Essentially, the difference is in the means of engagement and the nature of the relationship. It may be harder to establish an online relationship, but it is doable and worthwhile for the right product. Both can leave a buyer wanting when executed badly. The goal is to understand the type of interaction and relationship your buyers expect, and then move to deliver it in a way that differentiates you from the others, once again it is in the execution.
Effect of sales on an organization
A life and death effect. Revenue is the life blood of any commercial organization, and sales is responsible for delivering that revenue in a way that drives profitability and the ability to develop product and grow. While some organizations may survive without a sales organization, those that thrive, provide market leadership do so as a result of how they sell. If you can foster a thriving sales culture with professional sellers, you will grow exponentially. Fail to do this, and you are forever condemned to be an also-ran.
Current Job description
I am a Principal at Renbor Sales Solutions Inc. A sales leader for over 25 years, helping companies achieve and improve their revenue goals. Initially as a sales rep, then progressing to leadership roles with companies including Globe and Mail, Dow Jones, Factiva and Reuters. I have been called a brilliant sales tactician, helping sales teams and organizations to better execute their sales process; shorten sales cycles, increase close ratios, and create double digit growth through improved strategy and tactical execution, supported by metrics and our Follow-Through Action Plan. Renbor’s clients achieve sustained behavioral change and success, leading them to say: “We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Tibor, who for my money is Canada’s number one sales trainer.”

I co-authored the award winning book on Trigger Events, and contributor to Office Technology magazine, ChannelBuzz, Today’s Trucking, Globe and Mail Report on Small Business,, and others.
My advice to upcoming professionals
Prepare for a career that will always change, evolve and keep an open and curious mind. Stay away from the veterans who only leave the office for lunch and to go home. Read a sales book every month, and understand what you buyer wants to achieve, help him do that and you'll be paid handsomely.
Motivating team members
I focus them on the company's sales process. It allows them to look beyond the negatives, it allows them to focus on activity and execution. Once they are doing the right activities, they will gain momentum, and regain their stride. As a leader you want to lead from the front, not from behind the desk, which means fully engaging with team members who need refocusing.

Leading the process also allows you to take the subjectivity out of things and allow for objective execution.
Becoming good marketing professionals
I suppose they could, if they wanted to, it would require effort, but it is more than doable. In some ways the distinction is artificial, they are both members of the revenue generation team. They both cover critical aspects of the "client life cycle". As a result I think with commitment, guidance and process, you can make a seller a good marketer, and the other way around too. This assumes you have the right individuals to begin with.

In some instances you may in fact want to this proactively, you would create a revenue mentality rather than the silo approach many companies suffer from.
Essential skills
Curiosity! Number one without a doubt.

If they are curious, they will approach each sale with an open mind, ready to learn how they can help the buyer achieve their objectives, and based on the above bring the right resources to play.

They should be organized so they can maximize their time, thereby maximizing their results.

Understand that a pay forward approach works much better in the long run, what goes around comes around, especially in sales.
Developing a country
Aspire to be the best they can be in what you do. Be that sales, sales support, or just an admin.

Sounds cliché, but if you deliver the best in every task you take on, you will always be improving, moving forward, encourage those around you to do the same and keep up.

As a result, you can create the tide on which all boats can rise.
Upcoming Trends
Technology will continue to impact sales and selling, mostly because of how buyers are using technology and how it is shaping their expectations. BYOD, is going to grow, although it could be a double edged sword, as it may mask selling weakness with a layer of tech. This will eventually shake out, but could do harm if not monitored and weeded out early.

Sales is going to continue to move inside, giving good outside reps ongoing career security as their skills become more scarce and in greater demand.
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
Growing Renbor during the North American recession. It validated my methodologies and selling techniques. There a host of things while I was in the corporate world, but this was done by me, for me, and without the security net of a corporation.
Handling new territory
Unless I am not understanding the question, not difficult at all.
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