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Thallin S Shetty
Thallin S Shetty

Thallin S Shetty

Human Resources

Volvo Group


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Thallin S Shetty's Advice

How to write effective Job Descriptions!!!

Writing effective job descriptions usually entails writing strong keywords. You want to write strong keywords so that candidates can find your job advert through a search on a job board and so that search engines can find your posting and index it in search results. First when you begin your job posting, always write them from scratch. Don’t simply copy and paste an old job description into a job board. Every job is different. Spend some time with the people who have worked this job or know the most about this job. Ask lots of questions, take good notes, and then you are ready to write the job. Start with the title of the job – don’t use numbers. If you use numbers in the title, search engines will not read the “description” and won’t include it. After you have written the job title, you’ll want to write a summary about your company. If you already have one prepared from marketing, you can use this. Focus on the salient points and include only the strongest. If your company is a trusted business that has been around for decades, you’ll want to include this, because it implies security for the workers. If you are a king when it comes to hiring diverse candidates, you’ll definitely want to include this as well. As often as you can in your job description, you will want to bring up diversity. Encouraging diverse candidates to apply and hiring them ensures you have a rich, multitalented workforce that accurately represents the population. Next you can focus on the job description and the keywords. This is the most important part, because without these your job won’t be seen by anyone. Don’t be too wordy or long-winded on the company, because you’ll want to focus your efforts on describing the job. Include the title you are searching for several times in the posting.
Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
Family of 5 - Father (Retd.) was with a Japanese firm in Mumbai, Mother (Retd) was a Professor in Mumbai University (exp of 38 Yrs). Elder Sister - Doctor by profession and is settled in Pune. Wife - B.E in Telecommunications and working as a Software Engineer with a start up firm.
Working Life Management:
I believe in one thing - you work for an living and to make a living take up work / assignments which satisfies you. I strongly believe "Love what you do at work but don't make it an addiction". Balancing both work and life needs prioritization and one needs to plan the same accordingly.
Plans For The Future:
I believe in short term goals, in short i believe in hourly, daily, monthly targets and so on. For me its an evolving process on a daily basis .My ultimate goal is to be a perfect human being and a good citizen and a family man.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Proud of being an Best employer with Tavant Technologies for 2009 and 2010.
Career Profile:
Recruitment life cycle management,Managing recruiters, Align and meet business goals by hiring the right talent, Sell key recruitment messages, surge candidate experience and ensure quality of hire, Talent mapping, niche hiring , Fulfillment of revenue generating positions.
Role Model:
My role model are my parents and my family - i have learnt it all from them. How to handle stress, handle work, how to be an perfect human being. Being Honest and to maintain cordial relations whatever be the given situation.
Other Thoughts:
To be a good human being, one needs to keep assessing ones strengths and weakness on regular intervals. Be hearty and don't keep egoistic attitude be it at work or home. Be yourself as this helps on a long run. Be Happy with what you have today than being disappointed of what u wont have tomorrow.
Job Profile:
Recruitment life cycle management,Managing recruiters, Align and meet business goals by hiring the right talent, Sell key recruitment messages, surge candidate experience and ensure quality of hire, Talent mapping, niche hiring , Fulfillment of revenue generating positions.
Advice For New Professionals:
Be open and have an learning attitude. Treat every day as a critical day. To achieve ones goals and be successful in the field of your choice one needs to be always on his / her toes and have good understanding and decision making abilities. Patience is a key to success.
The Journey So Far:
Its been a challenge in the beginning - was hard to meet ends. Thorough understanding of processes i was involved made me move up the career ladder. Its been roller coaster at times but equally challenges do crop up. But the past helps you out in your present situations. Need to apply ones mind.
Degrees That Matter:
Rank Sheet has got online tests for the budding engineers. Online test for most of the Technology skills etc can be taken up online for free and can get an certificate generated online based on how one fares.
The Decisions That Matter
To take up assignments based on the criticality and not on others word. Be smart and be practical whatever task i had taken up.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Its becoming more dynamic and had to inculcate lot of new stuff, had to be an student all along to cope up with newer and challenging situations.
Required Reading:
Silicion India is an excellent source of information for all. Times Ascent is another information gaining site.
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