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Tejus M Adiga
Tejus M Adiga

Tejus M Adiga

Software Engeneering

Robosoft Technologies


Tejus M Adiga is a member of:

My role
My role in the Organisation is development of drivers and softwares mainly for Cameras, WebCams in perticular. Wired and Wireless on across platforms.
Area of specialization
Seeing the recent developments it seems that the Display area will boom in the recent years. More stunning displays demand more processing power. Hence display backed with a low power GPU also accounts for. Current Embedded OS are'nt utilizing the power of CPU fully. So SIMD optimisation comes in.
Money vs Job Satisfaction
Initial part of the Career Job Satisfaction is what we need to chase. These times are the times wherein you will be having less responsibilities. So can concentrate more on mastering things. Once Mastered and established can chase money in the same field.
My corporate journey
Basically i am interested in multimedia processing research and this gave me a good entry into the core process of development for a Video Messenger Company. Even though less pay I sharpened my knowledge tools there. After some years I shifted to my current company where I continued with my area.
My rewards
I feel proud to be a part of some great products that changed the way people work. In job perspective I feel proud to work in core technologies which are very few areas of research nowadays as everyone looks for ready modules to include in their products.
After few years
Establishment really is when you work on tour own technology. Need two research more, develop in-home superior technology to today's questions. Try to invert the dependency lineup of corporate countries. Make our foundation stronger with farsightedness of about 25 to 30 years.
Advice to workforce
The word Professional implies that you need to be THE default option in a particular technology. First have a sound understanding of basic building blocks which will make your learning curve for new technologies smoother.Dont be localised to one technology.World says this masterpeice was done by you
My Important role
One situation I can recall is when I was the only person in the team having the knowledge of H264 internals. I really enjoyed developing on H264 and that product was a huge hit in US.Soldout in 2 Weeks. Another situaton was researching on Resampling algorithms.
My prospective on India technological development
We get satisfied quickly.To improve We need to build product for us and use them.Then investment and all marketing stuff comes in.India need to be the Source rather than consumer of products.Universities are the starting point.There must be some bridging between universities and industry.
Future of embedded systems
Embedded will take over the traditional systems.THere might be embedded systems built from a group of embedded systems and all condensing into one system again.Human wants more with less complexity which reflects in the design of embedded systems. Great designs will certainly get popularity.
My role model
Steve Jobbs.Because he never hesitated or afraid to start from zero again.He knew that mixture of Marketing and Technology that would resonate the world. If any of the two components become more then the product becomes useless.And he earned that with Experience through years.
Books recommended
Blogs provide good information about almost all technologies in a very understandable format.Reading books is not important. Reading in the manner which makes you understand what the writer actually wants to conway matters.
Degree recommended
More than any course or certificates knowledge is what matters. Improve your knowledge and create the opportunity to showcase your talents. World will recognise you.
My family background
I am from an Orthodox well educated Brahmin family native to a small town Udupi in Karnataka. most of my family members are crazy about technology.
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