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Syed Abdallah Rizvi
Syed Abdallah Rizvi

Syed Abdallah Rizvi

Manager Business Development

Bitumat Co Ltd


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Brief yourself
I am a Virgo born with a dash of creativity! An MBA by choice, I seek fulfillment in the tasks that i undertake. Just cannot afford to be mundane or insipid. Flavour has to be dynamic. To remain static is a sin! Believe in team and also believe in leading the team from the front. Am created to lead and inspire others. To motivate, comes naturally. The fun of risks is immense!
Positioning the product
I am dealing with the industrial sector where the market decision makes can be organised as well as un-organised.Positioning is primarily done on the technical expertise of the company. Once this is done, the image flows down to the products. However, we have developed one flagbearer product. So, the approach has been to create a niche for the company, create a strong brand equity and then the products suckle from this to achieve a good positioning.
Selling needs Marketing if it wants to sustain. Marketing does not need selling. Marketing dictates selling. Marketing prepares the path for selling. As someone once said," Marketing is the Umbrella whilst selling is one of the spokes in the Umbrella".
Importance of 4ps
4ps are now an obsolete concept. I speak of Rizvi's 7p's
* Product
* Price
* Promotion
* Place
* Persistence
* Packaging
* Pace
All the seven are needed in suitable measure to ensure a Marketing success.Using the seven p's is like a chef when he cooks his Biryani...using his masalas in the right dosage!
Motivating Factor
Self esteem and self belief, peppered with a hefty dose of integrity and commitment.
In order to succeed, one needs to have the thirst to be acknowledged and appreciated. Self esteem is one that guides one to achieve greater heights.
Marketing is the process that enables one to recognise the need in the market, develop it and esnure that it reaches the desired consumer. Marketing converts a fantasy into reality.
Critical and vital for every organization.
Growth Prospect in marketing
One should not attempt to follow the philosophy of "ends justify the means"! For me, climb the ladder surely and decisively. There is a time for everything, so do not hasten less you fall!
Branding enables us to pull the customer and then make him "enjoy" his purchase.A flavour of happiness that lasts for long in the customers mouth.
Role in an organization
Visualize,plan and execute strategic planning. I head the Marketing and New Businesses divisions. Also provide technical guidance.
What can be achieved
Infinite! limitless is the canvas! And the corporate world is also growing by leaps and bounds....
By the number of footprints I leave. Footprints are the success stories. Success stories are those which helped the bottom line of the company.
Importance of sales
Sales is the most vital clog in the corporate wheel! It provides existence to the organization.
Marketing comes from within and then takes a shape depending upon the external. Marketing is innate and natural. Like a bird which flies naturally!
Future trend
More creativity and intelligence. However, I also see a little dark cloud in the form of unethical marketing. This trend should be nipped in the bud. Marketing should be pure and clean based on ethics.
Future prospect
Sharing my experiences with the younger and more energetic crop of youngsters. As a marketing consultant for those who need the best.
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