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Swapnil G Dolas
Swapnil G Dolas

Swapnil G Dolas

Marketing and sales Executive

Diffusion Engineers Ltd.


Swapnil G Dolas is a member of:

Family Background
My father is a retired person,he was in Senior Deputy Officer(SDO) in water supply department.Mother is a House wife.My elder brother is a zonal manager is in HDFC House,Nagpur.My sister in law is working in Financial company and my elder sister is working in a software company in Mumbai.
Contribution to the field
I do like my company for certain things,they never delay the salary,never delay the monthly expenses,colleague are supportive & more or less its a public limited company so we get all the benefits what an employee wants.
What suggestions would you like to give to the aspirants who want to make their career in Marketing only?
Marketing is Dynamic Field,but I strongly believe those who can handle pressure of targets,pressure of bosses,pressure of customers even,those who can sustain travelling, only those person should enter into Marketing/Sales field.And Those who gets success in these field,he becomes v.strong as person
Both marketing & sales are inter -related,u can't do sales with proper marketing and also u can't marketing ur product with proper selling techniques.Marketing involves generating prospects to the company through advertising etc.and selling will complete the calls generating business to the company.
Motivating Factor
there are many,as follows.
1.Professional relations go strong.
2.You earns incentive(extra money) if your targets accomplished.
3.If you like travelling, and you are handling large area, then you gets to see good places get to meet new people.
4. And you develop your interpersonal skills.
Importance of On line marketing
Now a days ways of marketing techniques are changing & Online marketing is a becoming a strongest way to reach to the customers.But i guess India is still behind in using internet.So i guess Internet marketing is useful to only those who use internate continuously.or even efficient in using internet
Positioning the product
My product ranks on the second numbers compared to the competitors.
Growth in an organizations differs from company to company and also to hierarchy of the company. In my organization I don's see a satisfactory growth since of unsatisfactory increments.
Growth Prospect in marketing
Marketing/sales persons progress always depends on performance in terms of target achievements and many others..So its completely depends on individual performance , if it is good..then a ladder of success compare to other streams is very good with good amount of money..
Its very much different from other stream in way that , this field is very much dynamic,this field changes the personality of of person , your thinking ability improves , speeds of Ideas increases,you tend to meet with every set of people,places and also how the world runs.
Importance of STP
The most important thing is Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning for a product..This simplifies where to focus and where to not..and that makes your work very much easy and efficient. those who don't follow these steps they ultimately land up in nowhere...
Marketing start with finding latent needs,understanding and fulfilling them.This is a continuous process.Its very much important for company to continuously market their products to penetrate to customers mind,so that they should not turn to the competitors.
Recommended Courses and Certification
Marketing/sales is not a individual game.Its works good if you work in a team and also you have to be very much optimistic about your strategies. You have to continuously keep an eye on competitors on going & future that to work accordingly...
I will recommend to continuously read Business class new papers like hitwada etc and to watch business news channels to know more and accurate about the business world..
Role in an organization
My role in my company is to act as a mentor for whole central India region as a mentor for my product to the team spread all over central India region in selling my products.
Achieves targets through them by anyways like joint working with them and all.
Support them in customers front.
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