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Surendra Pathak
Surendra Pathak

Surendra Pathak

Professor and Head

IASE Deemed University

Outlook about way to raise quality education
To improve the quality of Education there should be massive change is required in content of Education and the curriculum. The content and Curriculum of education is mostly conflict centric, which creates the conflict and violent behaviour of the student. The Teaching of Harmony and Peace and Human Values is very essential for the harmonious civilization.
Outlook about increase students’ participation
Everybody wants to live in the harmony and with the law of nature. First, we should prepare students to live with harmony with self, family, society and nature, without this, no nation can sustained his development. We have to create a small group and orient them for the teaching of Harmony in every level, than this group can interact with others.
About Me
Details are available in the following link:
My priorities
My priority is
1. orientation
2. research
3. Curriculum framing
4. experiment in small group
5. to create awareness to adopt in the main stream education
Favorite Non-Academic books
What do you mean of non academic book, Every book has academic importance. Do you mean that non formal academic content. I use to read mostly of philosophical articles and the impact of this is to understand the universality of nature and existence.
Future of Indian Education System
After complication of my M.Tech. in Applied Geology from Sagar University, I have decided not to go with Geological Jobs. I joined Media Services and decided to do to Bachelor and Master Course in Mass Communication and Journalism. After spent some in the field of professional Journalism, I again shifted my Job to Media Teaching and done my doctorate (PhD) in Linguistics. My Educational profile is inter-disciplinary in nature.
Now, I am seeing again changes in my educational field, I am studying Philosophies of Education, Curriculum Modelling, Philosophy of peace and Harmony, peace Education and Human Values. I think that the study of Harmony in very necessary, because of the inharmonious living and activities by human civilization on mother earth.
Way to motivate Students
My skill is to understand the wholeness and interconnectedness of every things. it is easy, even through mindmap programme is useful.
Important Lesson
To live with the Harmony of nature and existence. And Live with peace and let live others with peace
Strongest Subject
Philosophy, because philosophy help us to understand the whole, and universality of every things. broaden our outlook
My Advice
Try to understand the harmony within and in the whole existence. This will give you a lot of pleasure.
Unique way of teaching
Don't teach try to live with the student with affliction and love. And to Respect every inquire of the student. Always listen him very patiently.
Most Rewarding Moment
it is very difficult but always when I got the harmonious relation with my students and I got successes to satisfy their inquiries and questions.
My inspiring personality
Shri A Nagraj. He is my philosopher, Guide friend and Guru. He satisfy my most of the philosophical inquiries. And Teach me to live with harmony.
Family Background
My wife is Sunita, She always loves reading good books. I have three daughter, all are lovely and has a especial quality. I can imagine her bright future.
Most Challenges facing by students
to make relationship and to understand relationship.
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