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Surajit Das
Surajit Das

Surajit Das

Campus Relationship Manager


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Current Job description
I am currently working with India Pvt. Ltd and handling campus hiring solutions as a Campus Relationship Manager, it's been almost 11 months here and every day I learn to grow with the fun and challenges that I face.
It's also nice working here as I get to interact with some of the best minds in the Educational sector and also with some very influential people who have climbed the ladder of success with great pain.
Professionally and personally I challenge myself every day to push my own limits to grow as a better professional and a genuine human being.
My job requires a lot of self motivation (that's what a sales profile asks for) which at times is a bit hard to get along with but that is what has helped to get to where I am today since 2008 when I just started as a Marketing Executive.
As I look back I feel good and as I look forward I feel confident that better things are just around the corner.
Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
Process is process and I find both of them equally challenging, Ya Hardcore as the word says it all is definitely hardcore and drains you out both physically and mentally whereas the online one is a more cool on the body but Sales will always be Sales and the people who are in the profile will always love what they do!
Effect of sales on an organization
Sales is what makes the company running on its shoes! it's not that without sales a company will not run but ya it will be but "Barefoot!"
Essential qualification required
Sales, what I am doing and what I have learnt by doing it, the first and the last thing that you need is self motivation mixed with the zeal to be the best in what you do!
Upcoming Trends
1. Sales going online everywhere
2. Very high concentration to customer satisfaction
3. Extremely high competition in every sector
My advice to upcoming professionals
Please do get into sales if you really know that you can be one and also that you can take it up as a long term career or else it will wear you out! (VERY SOON)
A person in sales have to have a natural knack towards it, you cannot afford to try to be a salesman and be good at it.
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
Self Discipline has been something which I am proud of! My current company has a word for it and so have the earlier.
It helps me a lot to achieve what I work towards!
Education system in India
This is a huge topic, our system has evolved from the Gurukul to Smart Classes, which is actually an achievement for us as a country but then we have a lost a lot along with the growth and interference of technology in it.
In a time when students were challenged to think and create has given way to see and understand which is actually helping education to be more practical than imaginative.
I have always believed that you can become a more creative if you are imaginative.
Yes we do have to keep up with the world and are doing good at it, with every passing generation the kids are definitely getting smarter and intelligent but somewhere Education Today is talking away from kids what Education Yesterday had to offer!
I used to get to school at 7:30 a.m and back home by 2 p.m and enjoy the Sat & Sunday weekend, today its 7:30 a.m - 4.00 p.m and only Sunday weekend :(
Yes we are doing good but loosing out the fun of our kids which we did not miss when we were their age!
Handling new territory
Any new territory is a challenge, especially if the product is not known to the end consumer.
Making it known and getting it proven is the biggest pain altogether!
Developing a country
As a professional it is very important to be honest towards the responsibility put on our shoulders.
Self Discipline and punctuality are integral parts and finally, pay your taxes honestly!
My family background
Born and Brought up in a Christian Family with parents and one younger brother.
Lost my father at the age of Nine and mom remarried after four years of that incident. My dad now is a gem of a person (God's Immense Blessing) and he gives it all he can for us and at times he has broken his own limits to see that he can support us with all that he has.
My Mom started started working right after my father passed away in 1989 and has been my greatest inspiration all throughout. She taught us trust God to be ourselves on matter what!
My younger Brother has grown to be a fine gentleman and has just got married to his childhood sweetheart (December 28, 2012)
I am married to one of the greatest woman on earth and am a proud father of one of the cutest and naughtiest boy on planet earth! ha ha!

Father: Late Mr. Sunit Kr. Das
Mother: Mrs. Sephali Das (then) Biswas (now)
Dad: Mr. Sandip Biswas
Brother: Satyajit Das
Sis in Law: Angelin
Wife: Gloria
Son: Shreyansh
Importance of brand image
Today's market is a brand oriented one! A known brand sells better than a brand which is working itself up the ladder but that does not make the unknown brands as "not worthy!", it's just the way people think when they look up to an established brands and that is why they have better market shares and people love and continue to invest in them.

As an organization it is beneficial to be known as making it known is an uphill task where as an established one has a relatively easier path to tread.
Motivating team members
Hang out with them, show them a couple of good motivational movies and share practical incidents from lives of people who have faced similar issues which they are facing!
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