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Ask Sumesh Gopalakrishnan Nair for Advice
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Advice Request
Sumesh Gopalakrishnan Nair
Sumesh Gopalakrishnan Nair

Sumesh Gopalakrishnan Nair

Ayurveda Panchakarma Technician

CityPoint International Specialists Medical Centre,Dubai.

My family background
in My family my mother,father,and 2 brothers.father he worked under police department.and my mother she worked as Ayurveda panchakarma technician in govt. Ayurveda college in Kerala. my big brother he is working as office secretary in kerala union of working journalists .and my younger brother is doing Business. And my wife She is also Ayurveda Technician working with me in Dubai.we have one boy.
My achievements
The main achevemnet in my life is my career in Ayurveda.and i got lot of Friends in Ayurveda,patients from different nationalities,well experienced doctors from different regions,colleagues from different ages etc..
Ensuring success
i have personally lot of patients from different countries,my vision is to develop my career with my own Ayurveda hospital.there i need to give the genuene Ayurveda treatrments .and also i need to share my experience to new comers in Ayurveda.i need all support from my well wishers.
Initiative to develop a country
see... India is a University to the world.all of main discoveries done there in India mathematics,health,surgery,science etc...but we Indians not aware about that.we can give more developments to India and the world.we need the awareness to the people.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
we need well educated teachers for the school levels,colleges and universities,now education is like a business .we need to change that formalities.change the theme..FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
a good husband,a good father,A good son A good brother for all.he become a good leader. and must have kindness,under standing,non selfishness,development mind,
Degree that I recommend
Yes I need to share one thing Ayurveda treatments actually Ayurveda Doctors Prescribing the Treatments and medicine with their knowledge.the technicians are doing all 7 days 14 days,21 days,etc..they are not getting any type of kindness...they are not getting good salary and accommodations. people considering like massaging person.i recommend ..Ayurveda therapy diploma course need to consider like a degree.the parson who passed 1 year diploma course in Ayurveda ,after 10 years experience we can consider like degree course..That is also possible with one in Dubai. they are giving the licence to the professionals..we can get the licence only after exam..all gulf countries they are trying this experiment .why India avoiding .it will help to improve our health sector.we can give better treatment to all..
Important lesson learned
love all with out any restrictions,like color,regions,languages,politics,religions ,dress,employment,and the people with out limit.its like boomerang if u help any person somebody will help u also.Love own work not company.if u love the work,the company will grow up automatically.
Brief description about me
i Am Practicing as Ayurveda Panchakarma Technician in last 15 years.i am from South India.,from the gods own country-Kerala.i worked Kerala,s famous traditional Ayurveda hospitals such us vaidyaratnam,Arya vaidya pharmacy,kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy,etc..these experiences really helped in my career.with grace from the god of Ayurveda "Dhanwanthary".and also got the blessings from my mother.She is my first master in Ayurveda therapy.til this date i worked with above 500 doctors.above 2000 technicians,and also treated above 50000 my life i believe this is a very good achievement for me.Ayurveda is a passion for i am practicing in Dubai.mainly i am focusing treatment for Back pain and shoulder aim is to spread the name of Ayurveda.Because Ayurveda is the science of life....
Influenced by
all of my friends ,my family,my colleagues,etc..but mainly in my career,The famous traditional Ayurveda Physician "Vaidyabhooshanam Sri.Raghavan Thirumulpadu".in my mind i am considering like my master..
My role model
the same person The great." Vaidyabhooshanam Sri.Raghavan Thirumulpadu.
My strongest skill
Ayurveda Panchakarma Therapy.Marma Therapy,
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