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Subrata Basu
Subrata Basu

Subrata Basu

Associate Vice President Marketing



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Differentiate Strategies in place with your Competitors
The context of how we look at design and addressing the world of communication within a given brand framework is different.
Unique strategies that gone unseen or a superhit.
Yes some develop over time some are lost due to improper execution.
Market share Captured
Insignificant as on date
Positioning products in market
Different for different segments : Overall we have a design framework which decides the same.
Relationship of Marketers with the CEOs
Have no clue, can state mine Good
From a customer point of view Purchasing of a product Is
Many aspects overall which gives him an emotional high.
Some of the Marketing Appeals & Tactic
Anything which has a firm objective rooted in a customer belief
Brand Identity creation
By developing a proposition with is relevant and motivating for the customer which makes us unique and different.
Way to reach customers through sales force
By providing effective media, touchpoints and new means to shorten the value chain.
Company description & strategies in place
We are in the business where customer seeks surface design..Tiles,Marble,Mosaic. Marketing strategy is to create a compelling design, experiences and better touch points to enable the same.
Todays Marketing Trend
Evolution of digital and the rise in experiential marketing
Biggest pain point
Good skilled people
Matrix to Long sale cycle and multiple Buyers at same time
Many models
Accurate model of customers buying process
Thoughts on Social Media Monitoring Tools
Fairly evolved
Past, present and future of Marketing for marketing experts
Too vague a question to answer
Opportunities for Business in 2012- the ways to take advantage of them
Opportunities develop better alignment between plan and execution develop higher plane of creativity and innovation
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