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Subodh K Prasad
Subodh K Prasad

Subodh K Prasad

Sr. GM - IT

Oriental Structural Engineers


Subodh K Prasad is a member of:

- Expert
Company Profile and its IT Policies
As a pre-eminent Infrastructure Company, established over 4 decades ago,
Oriental Structural Engineers has firmly etched a name for itself as
one of Indias foremost EPC and BOT contender in the Roads and Highways
sector. Driven by technology and supported by a capable team, OSEs
business has been shaped by innovative thinking, vast competence and its
maintenance of transparency in all processes

Currently OSE has a
strong talent base of over 3900 employees and its senior management has
a collective experience of over 500 years in the construction industry.
OSE has always used state of the art equipment in its projects and
currently owns equipment worth Rs. 350 - 400 crores. Its turnover in the
financial year 2011 was approximately Rs. 1500 crores and with its
current BOT projects of 752 kms, OSE today has road assets of Rs. ~11000
cr under its management.

OSE IT strategy

· Explore Technology and align with Business objective

· Continues improvement in Business operation and processes

· Continues improvement in IT Service Delivery

· Continues improvement in ROI, both tangible & intangible
Views on new technologies
Cloud computing is not about doing anything new and innovative. It is
simply shifting Business Applications to the “Web” rather than your
Desktop or Server Hardware. Therefore it is essential to do COST-BENEFIT
Analysis before opting for Cloud Computing.
Keeping Pace with Latest Technologies
I try to keep myself updated by Web pages, magazines, Seminars, Technology launch etc.
Personals in your Team
Our team size is of 10-12 IT professional’s specialization in their respective field.
Biggest Obstacle
Our biggest pain point is Communication network in Rural Area.
Technology as a Rescue Act
Yes, off course. Technology plays an important role in addressing these pain points.
Brief Profile of the Company and the IT Strategies Adopted
Banaras Beads India is manufacturer and exporters of Beads, Fashion
Jewellery and Accessories this company started in 1940 and having office
in Delhi NCR, Varanasi and USA, Hongkong. presently we are having 35
user using LAN and inhouse developed ERP system in place which is taking
care of entire operation. in future plan we have upgrade entire legacy
system with modern one. for this we would be looking for cloud and other
hosted offerings.
Views on Emerging Technologies Like Cloud and Virtualization
Cloud and verbalization is not much popular at the moment but definitely it is going to be future of IT for any organization.
Resources to Keep Updated with Latest Technologies
attending seminars, workshop, reading magazineand surfing web.
Members Comprising Your Team
We are having small team of 20 members.

Contemplate Ways to Prevent Security Breach
Although equipped with latest tool & technology, not sure if 100% secured and will not be hacked.
Area of Concern
Real time inventory managements at various location we are having more than 300 thousand variety of products.
IT Imperative During Slowdown
Yes, it is innovation would drive business organization go for better options.
Funds Allocated for IT(annually)
We expend approx 2.00 crore on IT budget systems.
Hurdles Needed to Overcome in Securing Information
Virus attack, spam filtering etc.
Increment in IT Budget
No Budget constraint if ROI is justify at any point of time.
Embracing Cloud
Not yet but hopefully soon it will be adopted in some form.
Cloud as a Tool in Securing Information
I am not convinced at all the information is fully secured on cloud due to various reason.
Budget for IT, Annually
50 lacs.
Expansion of IT Budget
Not at this moment due to global slow down our business ia also effected.
IT Leader must be Manger or Techonoligst First
According to me, IT leader should be a manager first.
Expected ROI on Technological Investments
. Integrated and ‘Online’ database

· Improvement in communication and interaction with employee, vendors, customer, partners etc.

· Improved Business processes & operations

· Improvement in Inter-departments and cross functional   disputes

· Improved MIS and decision making

· Reduced Inventory

· Timely completion of Financial Result.

· Cordial working atmosphere due to technology

Welcoming New technologies
We are looking for Mobility.  Making Application mobile with i-POD and Blackberry.
Bond between CEO and a CIO
The role of CIO is not only to innovate and manage Information
Technology for their company but to align with Business Objectives.  CIO
plays an advisory role for CEO as how business objective could be
achieved with the help of technology.
I strongly believe Technology should align with Business Objectives and
therefore it is essential to quantify ROI from Technology proposed
before implementation.
Describe an IT Leader - Manager or Technologist
Both are integral part but technologist would be first priority.
Estimated ROI on Technological Investment
Its 100%.
Anticipation of New Technologies
Cloud, SAAS.
CEO-CIO Relationship
It is very important for any organization to have best possible understanding and know each others.
Get updated regularly and share your best practices to enlighten others.
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