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Subhasish Dalal
Subhasish Dalal

Subhasish Dalal

Training Manager

ICICI Prudential


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Importance of brand image
It is a huge differentiator.It is all about institutional building .The place you work and where you are associated with propels you to live to the vision and values in all aspects of life.It is the hall mark of a successful person .The image which we carry comes with huge responsibility
Becoming good marketing professionals
Yes surely,Sales is an art.Marketing is a science.Marketing is the environment you create where a sale can happen
Comparing Online sales with hardcore sales
hardcore sale process involves direct relationship and client meet.Online platform just provides an interface.The online is much better because of the large volumes it can occupy given the time constraints .The online sales is still a very nascent stage in India.It would take some time before every sale becomes online.
Effect of sales on an organization
Sales is the engine which drives the organization.It brings the revenue.Every function and department helps in creating a strong sales department.
Education system in India
The education system is going through a lot of reforms.There was a lot of distance between the industry and the academia.Slowly with the measures taken the bridge is getting smaller.the day is not far away when Indian universities will be ranked top in the world .Still a lot of work is to be done.Research and development has taken place in some segments of technologyand medicine,The benefits are not going to the masses.
Developing a country
They should share their experiences with the beginners and help them in developing the required skill sets.There is a huge difference between what we study and experiment in college and what we actually deliver in the job.
Also the profesionals should carry out movements to eradicate poverty and ignorance .
My advice to upcoming professionals
be calm and composed.Do what you like and like what you do.Once you find enjoyment in what you do,you will automatically succeed as you would know how much the distance you should go to achieve success.
Handling new territory
The communication plays a key role in sales.In new territories ,the sales professional needs some more time to adjust to the situation.He has to collaborate all his skills with the opportunities that is coming through his way.
increasing the number of calls is a challenge.If it gets done properly,there is no stopping .
Upcoming Trends
More use of technology,direct correlation between Training delivery and results,branding,market research are some of the upcoming trends in my profession as a Trainer
Essential skills
For becming a trainer,one must have tremendous amount of patience.Patience ios the key.Secondly one must be updated and must be prepared to go the extra mile .A trainer is respectedin every territory he goes .this is something priceless.The image that he carries is quite often the role model of many followers.He shhould be able to help people in improving their skil sets be it technical or behavioral.,
What achievements are you really proud off , in your corporate journey?
Being a Super manager in the month of March 2011,winning awards in Training in december 2011 for outstanding performance in Indore,Qualifying for Head of Training Forum in Hyderabad and winning a silver medal in digitization keep me going .
My family background
I hail from a simple Bengali family back ground.My father is a Retired Scientific Advisor from TATA STEEL and Mother is a housewife/domestic engineer.I have two sisters who are married and well settled.
Current Job description
Currently I am a Trainer/Sales Coach.My current profile includes Training,coaching,mentoring and anchoring Events and sales promotions,product launches .Also I have to market Digitization .As a Communication Manager,its my responsibilty that the communication regarding any change drills down to the bottom level in a very precise format with clarity of thought.
Essential qualification required
One must be a Post graduate with some exposure to behavioral sciences.
Motivating team members
I hardly discuss about the results.I bring out the process of doing the work ..Urge them not get disappointed and tell them a story be it from cricket,football or Mahabharata!!sometimes i play a music and ask them to dance and ask them to visualize how would you dance if you had succeeded.
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