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Srijani Basak
Srijani Basak

Srijani Basak


Ascendant Technology


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Family Background
I am from kolkata born to Dr. Shyamapada Basak and Mrs. Alpana BAsak. I have one elder sister who is married now.
Achieving Success:
For women to be successful - they need to be capable of working independently in their respective domain. Its the quality of delivery that is valued. You need to gracefully speak your interests at work and be confident. Equally important women should value work equally to family life, as a men do.
Doing differently:
As a software professional, my strength is my technical knowledge. For IT to survive they need quality delivery; so I can help them with my expertise in my skill. Other way round, Entrepreneurship can happen anytime. I will follow my passions, results will follow me.
Success through professionalism:
Professional life is competitive- you need to be a proactive smart worker all time.To climb up the ladder you need to be a good team player and have strong knowledge in your domain.I learnt that : if you don't choose what you want on your plate, others will serve you what they don't want!
After few years:
I want to see myself as a successful manager 5 years from now.
creating differences:
You are a women - that makes the difference. A woman's patience to listen first, her adaptability to the new, her dedication to learn and her commitment to deliver quality can help any organization to prosper. She brings a sense of diversity in work. Her independence can empower a lot of other women
Maintaining Balance:
To start your day at work, I plan my tasks for the day. I engage in minimal office coffee/chat breaks -they are time killing. I concentrate to finish off by 6pm or before.
Personal life needs planning too.I plan meal to cook,my dress pressed the day before.
Save some time for yourself to relax.
I learnt to master what love. A class topper at school or a microsoft student partner at college - i loved communicating, collaborating and sharing with people. I enjoyed a lot of swimming,painting and dance competitions as I grew up.
Believe in your dreams - follow your passions. You need to put efforts to grow - nothing is easy in tough competitive world.
Learn maximum from your failures, and move towards success.
Challenges faced:
I face language problem - colleages intermingle in their mother tongue.I ensure they speak a common language when its official discussions.Responsibility given to men by managers are more,women need to prove hard that they can equal and handle work.I prove with quality delivery and domain knowledge
I believe in employee and customer first culture. More than hierarchy, a free communication should flow. Interests of employees should be guided to ensure quality delivery
Personal Description:
I am a very adjustable person. I am a quick learner-if I am given a task in which I dont master, I learn it. I love to cook and passionately try out different cuisines. It lighten my mood. I believe I can do anything if I believe I can. I love to experiment with the new.
Career Decisions:
I choose to join a starter company. I learnt a lot at work here than at a place where there are 10 people for the same job. Here you are recognised. My job location was a important decision and to adjust away from home. Deciding the domain of work was a equal challenge.
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