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Sreenarayan Ashokkumar
Sreenarayan Ashokkumar

Sreenarayan Ashokkumar

Security Consultant


Sreenarayan Ashokkumar is a member of:

Difficulties in web development.
The most difficult part which I face is architecture and design! understanding the requirements from the client is one major part but taking a call on which technology will provide the perfect balance between the efficiency and scalability is what we aim for! Main focus time is on architecture used!
Describe your Web Application?
I am currently working on Hybrid applications. These are applications which use jquery underlying technology. The advantage of using this technology is to build one core component which can be used in multiple technology frameworks like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Web.
Creation of Websites
I have an urge to learn each and every technology which comes into the market. Any new development which is released in the market, I have a driving passion to try it out first!
Decisions That Mattered
Learning a variety of stuff to know my potential and strengths
Keep working on my communication and verbals skills as it helps in client interaction
Keeping yourself up to date with all major developments in the world wide web through learning channels like: Technet, coursera and RSS feeds
Brief us about working on new technology?
HTML 5. It will help me touch base upon mobile functionality via HTML applications.
Work in a different way
I would do nothing differently. I started my career with the passion and urge to learn different technologies. I started with development, went to Operating Systems and Networks, then to Security and then back to development. I never repent reading about all the field as it was something which let me decide what I loved the most.
Tell us about your skills?
The inner urge to learn everything to the core. The vision of architecting the best software designs looking at all the aspects from security, efficiency, speed, etc. These things come with experience.
Previous Job Role vs Current Job Role
SDLC architecture and review. It helps in learning a technology and its potential thoroughly.
Websites and books
and many others. Simply because they were out of box innovations.
Your Accomplishment
Presented at International conferences
Authoring multiple publications
Built and secured more than 100 applications
Interview tips for upcoming fresher
Be honest.
Say "No" for stuff you don't know about, it helps in analyzing your better skills instead of wasting time to understand how well you know everything.
Keep a online technical profile alive!
Educational background
B.E. Computer science from Mumbai University
More than 10 certifications
I believe in multi-taking but with thorough focus on a minor tasks at a time. I work with people who think like me and excel in that manner.
Leisure time
I like to laze around in the swimming pool. It helps me tire myself and get a good nights sleep.
Journey to the corporate world
It started in the year 2009 when I was completing my third year engineering. A mad passion to innovate was burning inside me. I started learning technologies to see the width of their potential. I started working on out of the box designs. I went to the extent of merging domains like electronics and computer together.
Innovation was the only desire.
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