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Sowmya Balachandran
Sowmya Balachandran

Sowmya Balachandran

Project Manager

shree hi5 infotech


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Leadership Programs in Place:
Using job assignments for developmental purposes provides benefits that go beyond getting the job done
Recommended Reading
The Institution of Engineering and Technology , silicon valley &
HR Challenges:
1.Evaluating early adoption 2.Balancing high tech and high touch 3.Information cu ration
4.Training for Accountability 5. Metrics and Measurement
Relationship with HR and Top Management
1. Build rapport 2. Take a diplomatic approach 3.Establish creditability 4.Engage in conflict 5.Be a strong communicator
Current HR Trends:
1. challenging role of HR Professional 2. The war for talent 3.Outsourcing of HR functions: the virtual HR Organizations 4. The healthy workplace - Wellness , work life balance 5. The diverse workforce 6. The impact of technology 7. Talent Management -Leadership development 8. Talent management: Succession Planning 9.Corporate Values and Culture 10. Impact of Legal and Compliance Issues
Improving Education system
1.Quality awareness and self evaluation 2.Professional freedom 3.Professional ethics
Parting Thoughts
how to write a good essay in developing strategical approach and paradigm
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
1.Motivate Employees
2.Encourage creativity and innovation
3.Improve teamwork , communication and cooperation
4.Work related personality conflicts
5 Energize work place morale
Pain Points:
1. Lack of engagement 2.Methodology of training or coaching 3.Post Training accountability 4. Dilution in execution post deployment 5. ROI or business impact
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
1. Plan for leadership development 2.Practice Leadership development 3. Promote Leadership Development
Helping to develop the country
It can and it should. It has the potential and basic capabilities. Everyone in the country has to be well above the poverty line. There should be plenty of employment opportunity for all, including women and those in rural areas. There has to be basic self-reliance in strategic defence systems, so that external policy is not umbilically connected to countries through the weapons business. Self-reliance is the only answer in the defence sector. Health, education, employment too should reach one and all. There has to be effective action for old-age care. Above all, the nation should have a standing commensurate with its billion people.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
1.Attendance 2.Punctuality 3.Enthusiasm 4.Cooperation 5.Maturity 6.Accuracy
7.Problem-solving Skills 8.Organizational Skills 9.Interpersonal Skills
10.Openness — Shares Experience and Ideas
11.Discretion and Loyalty to Employer 12.Versatility 13.Conscientious 14.Considerate and Helpful 15.Positive Attitude Toward Work 16.Positive Work Record and Evaluations 17.Ability to Quickly Grasp and Do the Work Assigned, Requesting Assistance as Needed
18.Ability to Get Along with Supervisor, Co-workers and the Public Leadership Ability
19.Willingness to Accept Responsibility and Extra Work Assignments
20.Well-motivated ... Innovative ... Self-starter
21. Ability to Plan and Think Ahead
22. Ability to Communicate — Listening, Speaking, Writing Skills
23. Reading, Writing and Computing Skills necessary to Do the Job
24. Willingness to Follow Company Policies and Procedures
25. Willingness to Work with others as a team
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
Attract good people, Retain the better people and Advance the best People
A. Potential Assessment B. Career Development C. Remuneration policy D. Performance Management E. Work Level.
a. Functional Competence
b. People management ability
c. Deliver Capability
d. Conceptual Skills
e. Competence with External agencies
f. Character/Courage of conviction
1.mobility for growth
2.competitive remuneration
3.performance measurement system
4.potential assessment system training inputs
group resourcing
How Do You Recruit & Retain the diverse and ambitious Generation Y. Are they Really Ambitious?
1.Work/life balance
2.To be heard and valued
3.Regular recognition
4.Work in a fun atmosphere
5.Motivated by challenge and a collaborative environment
HR Strategies In Place
Every company needs a strategic reward system for employees that addresses these four areas: compensation, benefits, recognition and appreciation
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