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Somanna Aiyappa
Somanna Aiyappa

Somanna Aiyappa

Assistant Manager- HR-Mahindra Holidays

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India ltd


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HR Challenges:
The basic Challenges faced during planning HR activities is unpredictable Attrition, which can be controlled by forecasting & Planned attrition.Which will also benefit in acquiring better candidates at the given TAT.Regularization of HR reviews to understand employee concerns/Inputs can be beneficial for OD,Employees leave managers not the organization, as it says it means it . managers have to be more supportive & helpful to create better work environment. Basic challenge is the attrition which ruins any company in terms of productivity .
Improving Education system
Education system has to more normalized & mandatory. Govt have to take more opportunity in making education mandatory to all levels of people . As Aadhar is in process an extra commission can be paid to every family ( Below the line )who can extend their support of their children sending for education.
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
Every individual works for money & peace at work, creating better work environment, HR involvement for regular incentives plans & daily perks ,good managers support & internal promotions with a speculated time for active performers has actually helped me retaining people & better performance. This will always motivate individuals & improve starvation for growth.
HR Strategies In Place
Employee Engagement Programs
Regular Appreciation of employees
Monetary benefits
Employee friendly work environment
Employee Self reach - HR Help Desk for employee in prob situation / suggestion
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
The basis hiring process has to be changed, Front line or the project hiring managers have to be involved at basic hiring levels to minimize the total round of interview.Any individuals hired has unique quality of their own, No quality can be judged based on their own presentably, On the job hiring will get to know the exact quality of hiring. eg: Onboard the candidate to the organization for 2 days to understand his flexibility & quality, the way of work , based on his/her outlook/result the quality & adaptability can be judged .
Recruiting new generation:
This generation is pretty quick & not really ambitious or goal oriented. Yes definitely they are more tech/money oriented & can be more beneficial in terms of short term growth in org But can definitely give open challenges to the older generations
Being different from other stream
HR is more process oriented,Lots of Policies & process implementations, certain Process to be followed . Other filed doesn't require certain process.
My achievements
I have been a people oriented personnel, always wish to be a people's man. My achievements towards an OD was to create Employee friendly Work relations . which has been a stepping stone.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
A leader is born within, Individual active participation for his team growth can be considered & performance deliverable's is what can be identified.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
HR has to be open to any situation, No doors should be closed. An employee should be first preferred, any situation & any time .Manage employee with care can be better way to handle employees
Pain Points:
Management support at times
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
Be more employee Friendly , keep your doors open, Let & get to know every employee & their situation to improvise the quality of the org for better OD
Current job profile
I Play a role of Human Resource Business partner, End to end HR Operations from talent Acquisition to exit of an employee.Involving with Hiring managers & Regional managers for better improvements of OD . Employee Relations & Engagements . Performance & benefits
Helping to develop the country
firstly: Professional have develop their own interpersonal skills, Most candidates have their own unique skills, depends how they put it across. Developing positive attitude & doing things which can be bought out. A professional Site which can get in ideas & that can be reached out to the govt for support of their plan & product .
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