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Shivinder Mandhotra
Shivinder Mandhotra

Shivinder Mandhotra

Vice President

Amardeep Designs India Pvt. Ltd.

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Current Job description
I have worked with couple of big Indian companies namely m/s Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. and m/s Wipro Ltd. in various capacities. Currently I am working as an A.V.P with m/s Amardeep Designs. It is Mumbai based company manufacturing and marketing office, education, café and hospitality furniture. My current profile does include sales & marketing, operations and partly overseeing manufacturing processes along with my Managing Director.
My role is broadened by playing an active advisor role to the Managing Director.

Achieving Success and ensuring growth
I am constantly updating myself with latest in team development and training field. I have participated in an executive coaching program and have become a power coach. I also have enrolled myself with a training and development diploma course. All this is being done to enhance my skills so that to be a good leader and a guide to my team. On regular basis I keep brushing my knowledge on my domain.

Taking Important career decision
I had served with Indian Air Force in the starting of my career for eight years. I quit it to make a career in corporate sector. This was the most important decision on my career which I have made so far.

Leadership qualities
In some people leadership skills are naturally present while others have to develop the same. Some basic skills a leader has to have are given below…
a) Leader has to be essentially a team man.
b) He should be ethical and transparent with his team.
c) He needs to put team’s interest ahead of his own.
d) He has to be highly confident of his skills and should have clear vision on his goal.
e) He should have the capability to lead from the front. Lead by example.
f) He should have very good communication skills to put across his point of view effectively.
g) He should be assertive.
h) Ready to take risk.

These are some of the essential skills a leaders should possess in order to be a successful leader. Various successful leaders have a unique combination of all these skills.
Managing personal and professional life
I do assess the situation from various angles and go through the pros and cons of all decisions. This exercise help me arrive on a better decision. I have good analytical skills to understand a situation.

Handling Grievances
I give complete chance to my team member to come out with his grievance. It is very critical to understand his point of view and from where it is coming. If he is genuinely affected then I do take action to correct the situation. If he is opinionated then I create a larger picture of the cause in front of him. I then make him realise that his grievance though worth listening is actually not helpful to him and the team.
Advice to upcoming leaders
I would advise the leader to be sincere in his approach and be empathetic to his team members. One can succeed by understanding the team and taking them along. Have regular update from the team to get a control on the situation. Lead with example. Do not expect moon from team if you yourself does not have capability to achieve the same. Get into ground realities before creating an opinion. Never be judgmental. Appreciate other’s view and analyze before rejecting or accepting the same. Be assertive in what you feel is right for the common cause. Keep developing your communication skills and attend self development programs.

My prospective towards India Technological development
We in our country do not have a culture to promote innovation and creativity. We believe in copying others. I strongly believe that those countries which promote and invest in innovations and research are the true leaders. Rest of the world follows them. Furniture Industry where I do work also suffers from this. Although furniture is not highly technical product yet we do not create many new things in this industry. Most of the manufacturer believe in copying the popular products from west or China.
We have to invest in research and development and promote innovation. We are becoming a nation of followers and not trendsetters.
My family background
Apart from my parents I have one wife and two children. My son is a B. Tech student and my daughter is in 9th class. We basically belong to Himachal Pradesh but have been living in our adopted city of Chandigarh since last 40 years. So we belong to both places i.e. Chandigarh and Himachal.
Influenced by
My ex-boss Air Vice Marshall RB Kalra ( Retired). He taught me the very first lesson on leadership. He had those extra-ordinary skills to get the work done from his team. I learnt from him that you have to be doing the job yourself with great commitment which you want your team to do for you. If you are genuine towards your cause and towards your team then you will get full support of your team. This is what I mean by “Lead by example”. I imbibed sincerity and honesty from him which has always helped me till date.
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