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Ask Sheik Fazulul Raheem for Advice
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Advice Request
Sheik Fazulul Raheem
Sheik Fazulul Raheem

Sheik Fazulul Raheem

Chief Engineer with an Engineering Consultancy firm

Emsquare Engineering Consultants

Qualities needed to become a successful leader
I think, one must focus on time management at all times. Conduct negotiations such that you have a Win-Win situation at all times. Transparency in matters concerning services will take us a long way.conclude deals in a fair manner by adopting international standards & communicating clearly regarding the roles to be played by all players. organisational skills of individuals matter a lot, therefore, do not deal with people who are not sure of their actions or implications of their actions. most of whom we meet daily are people who speculate & leave matters to chance, never deal with such individuals.people who fix time limits for an activity will make good leaders.critical thinking & self evaluation are important attributes of a good leader.A team worker & a person who believes in giving more than he takes can be a reliable leader.A leader can be expected to be punctual,well dressed, focussed, a man who understands priorities & well mannered. He/she is usually a multitasking guy.
Couple of years from now
Running an own business, Designing & constructing apartments for sale & making projects with social responsibility & a human face. Money making at any cost will not be the objective of my company.would likely bring in new ethics & principles in my field, hitherto never seen before.To build a team of like minded people will be one of the objectives of business. I hope to operate a school of a different kind that would satisfy my inner desires & a secret passion that i possess for educating the young & their parents. Believe, very strongly that the younger generation is always more capable & hence their parents need to be guided to bring about the best in them. Therefore, my school will teach parenting methods more than lessons for the kids.
My family background
I come from a family of parents who were strict disciplinarians in all matters. A typical middle class family in South India with the father being a senior Govt executive in a public sector firm & mother, a home maker. we were 5 kids & i'm the eldest. Father is retired Engineer & all of us 5 kids are post graduates. The 3 sisters are teachers in different places/countries & my brother worked as a Fighter pilot in the Indian Airforce & has left the forces since about 2 yrs. He has settled abroad with his Doctor wife.Dad is aged & spending his retired life by getting involved in social activities which keeps his mind busy at all times.he used to practice homeopathy as a hobby through-out his proud to have had & still have, a father like him.learnt the value of "time" from him. He says, the time we spend should be useful either to oneself or to somebody else. Life's too short & hence it's meant to be utilized fruitfully in all aspects.
My achievements
Really proud of nothing. Still am a student & have to go a long way to get actual satisfaction. life's been a struggle & i don't see the struggle ending any time soon. Never had the time to bask on old glories & i really do not know what's supposed to be glorious.we all live in a world full of chaos, corruption in all forms & kinds & merciless competition to achieve something that's almost irrelevant for our existence & remain a natural & compassionate human being. I think, nobody is in-charge of anything that's happening around us.I believe, no individual has the right to be proud of anything that he/she thinks they have achieved. On the contrary, i can pinpoint failure's of mankind all over the world.
Ensuring success
Keep working as long as life lasts, hoping to contribute my little bit for the betterment of this world. Growth, as an Individual & in a responsible society is what matters & should only be considered.
My strongest skill
Project/s management of a building or any civil engineering Structure.
Important decision
Every day & for the last 20 Yrs, i've been taking plenty of decisions. each one of them is & was important in it's own way.
Initiative to develop a country
Become entrepreneurs & shape their own future. Not to rely on Govt's at any level.
More about myself
Oh, Nothing.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
India should stop focusing on quantity of graduates, instead should focus on quality. Let Gov't take care of education in the rural areas & in cities, let the private take the responsibility.
At school level, many other subjects like economics,moral science, sociology, sports,accounting,all religions,social service,computers etc should be incorporated & made compulsory.Teachers, who do not have a first class during their graduation should not be appointed as teachers.
working hours & work days to be increased to 7 hrs & 11 months respectively. Summer vacation to be reduced to 1 month & winter vacation to be should be made fun & should be under teacher's supervision. parents should be taught on parenting skills. close down, colleges which lack basic facilities & faculty. eradicate the image that teaching is opted as a last resort by budding graduates.
Degree that I recommend
We live in a free world & an open Market. The work of an individual will automatically gain recognition & there's no need for certification. There are enough institutions presently who are doing it & they are sufficient.
Important lesson learned
Life's too short & let's not waste time.
My role model
Dhoni - for his leadership from the front.
Sharukh Khan - For his energy & passion & transparency in everything he does.
Sachin Tendulkar - for just doing his job skillfully, silently, humbly & with guarantee. He let's his work speak for him.
Chidambaram - for his expertise & silent efficiency in his work.
Arundhati Roy, Shobha de - For being serious writers & making people think.
Sonia Gandhi - For being a silent worker, in spite of being attacked personally so many times all her life.
Sashi Taroor - for being a flamboyant, modern, educated & an intellectual bureaucrat.
Sheik mohammed, the ruler of Dubai - for his vision & sincerity & providing excellent leadership, where all western leaders failed during the economic crisis.
Prannoy Roy - For being as transparent as possible in the news coverage by NDTV.
Nitish Kumar - For transforming a state like Bihar against all odds.
Brief description about me
I'm 47 yrs old,possess a B.E degree in Civil Engineering & an M.E in structural Engineering. Have worked with central Govt in Mumbai, then in Saudi Arabia & now in Dubai. Have worked in mostly Building projects from the stage of planning to design to execution. Familiar with the IS codes, ACI (America) & the BS codes.Have consistently worked on huge projects worth millions of Dollars in various capacities at different times. aware of the latest in construction technology & project Management.worked as a Govt executive, with big contractors in various capacity, with developers & with Eng. consultants in various capacities.qualified examinations conducted by the Dubai Municipality & am member of the Society of Engineers, on the board of an architectural cum construction (Design & Build) firm at presently in charge of a billion dirham multiuse project in Dubai.Residing with wife ( a school teacher ) & a teenage son, studying in 11th in Dubai.
Influenced by
My Dad. Not because, he is my dad, but because, he was never a hypocrite all his life. A very upright & a straight forward person who lived/lives only for the values that he believes in.
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