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Shiv Sagar Singh
Shiv Sagar Singh

Shiv Sagar Singh

Software Engineer at Amadeus SAS

Amadeus IT Group, Nice , France

Favorite Books and Articles
I have just finished Stay Hungry Stay Foolish written by Rashmi Bansal. Since longtime I want to read this book.Left lucrative jobs to follow the rough road of entrepreneurship.
I'm well motivated about my passion and goal, this book relies me that If I have good idea, why not I will start Now. "Abhi Nhi To Kabhi nhi".
Spare time activities
Whole week days busy at office as I'm Software Engineer, Amadeus IT Group. Usually during week end or holidays, I'm on my computer making road map of business plan or presentation for my team working at India or I love to talk with my family, friends and would be wife. Really, I love to watch Hindi romantic movies.
It's really enjoying around here in the summer Or I could start to read book, to me that should only be done in one's spare time or when they are in the mood.
Additional information
Well, I believe in "Never Give UP..., Be positive, Act positive..!" If we start think in positive way, every thing happening according us, I feel that in my life several times.
View s for better India
By promoting meaningful participation from students. I concluded that it has four distinct outcomes in development of nation:
1- It will effect on general behavior and values.
2- Our politician will start to learn something from new generation.
3- New Idea will be generated in many fields and we will see their out comes.
4- It will help to create general well being.
About Myself
I'm Shiv Sagar SINGH. I believe in the philosophy that "In life whatever or whoever may betray us but our hard work never does. " and I have learn this from my father (My father is former).
I did my B-Tech from SRMSCET, Bareilly with computer science as specialization in 2010. I have also finished my Master of Science from TELECOM Bretagne, BREST, France with Network Administration and Security 2012.
Worked with SFR (largest Telecom Company in Europe)as internship, after that I worked with Intel Corporation, Paris, France, as Software Application Engineer about 10 months. During my mission with Intel got "Employee Recognition Award".
Now work with biggest Airline service provider company AMADEUS SAS as Software Engg.

Certification, got certification from Cisco CCNA and CCNP in 2012.
My strengths are:
->Honesty and faithful.
->self motivated.
->fast learning skills.
->goal oriented and punctual.

I know that I have some weakens but I believe that I will focus only on positive things
Career Expectations
I would like say one things that is most important in field of computer science, what we have studied during our studies was just out dated in real atmosphere, I think in next few years combined project will be started simulation with real company project, demand of real market.
Favorite subject
well, this is one of the best question that will describe me:
I'm software Engg at Amadeus SAS, I love to work on logic with different language like C++, Java, Python. In-spite of this my managerial and motivational attitude always inspire me, I got hired by Intel and Amadeus due this strength.
First Job Expectation
In my opinion:
1- Job profile
2- Company
3- and salary
Challenges facing by students
The biggest problem today facing by students that are well balanced-mentally,spiritually, emotionally,physically and financially.the curriculum today at schools deals more with academic studies and information than it does with being able to attain the success that every one aspires. it takes a “success minded” person to be successful .today, teaching success is not a secret.There is literature about this subject everywhere. it is almost a science. we see many people who are successful that didn’t get a “good education” and many people that did, that are not successful. Why is that? Because success is determined by character and not only by knowledge. We need to teach people to set and meet their goals, to raise there standards,to be masters in emotion, relationships,finance and time management, besides attaining knowledge in there seeker out profession.When all this comes together -Destiny is shaped.Its is called Success.
Most influenced factor
In my childhood, I saw my parents work in field as former, then I saw reformation of a poor family from former to business family, this transformation phase inspire me a lot, I have learn so many things with my parents and my younger brother who will be upcoming one of the best businessman. Most of this inspiration comes from my family father and brother.
My uniqueness
"Positive thinking and self motivation" that gives me a lot of success till now. Hopefully my dream will come true soon.
Most flourishing college experience
I don't have nay best moment in my college life, but definitely I have one of the biggest moment that inspire me till now, when I was in my 5th class in RSS school called "Saraswati Shishu Mandir", there is several type of competition like play and Prashna Manch (Quiz) held on Saraswati Shishu Mandir life. I was team leader of my team. My team was win that quiz national quiz. Venue of this quiz was Lucknow, current Education minister give me prize and appreciate my efforts during answering the questions. That incident always give me strength.

Other was "Employee Recognition Award" at Intel Corporation at Paris or my quality of work with Intel client SagemCom on IPTV.
Family Background
I have very small family Mummy, Papa, Grand Papa, Grand Ma, and younger brother.
Father was former during our studies, there is no source of income. Now as doing small business in my village.

Brother: Business, road construction and building construction. he have shops of wine at Allahabad. one of the immersing businessman.
Time Management
I decide priority according severity of problem, how much that importance and urgency.
Most proud accomplishment
I'm son of former, my dad don't have nay formal education, his both sons well success in their respective fields with a lot of success and pride.
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