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Shibam Das
Shibam Das

Shibam Das


Brief description about me
I born in Guwahati but  till class vi  I brought up in a village ,there was no light , no educational  environment ,  but lots of friend and an unity among peoples. I still remember those days when I spent hot summers without fan, went to schools without uniform and topped without study . I was not sad because I was in a village , I liked that  environment  because friends were good , people were very close and very helpful .
Anyway , my parents shifted to Guwahati city when I was in class vi , and I got admitted  to a decent school . Though from a village , I managed to get good rank without much effort .
My life started when I started taking decisions against the will of my parents , first decision I took by joining a cricket coaching centre and then by leaving that when  I got selected to play for my state . I didn’t score well in my class X  exam but  took admission in science stream opposing  my parent’s wish . I didn’t know about IIT till XI , as that time in Guwahati the awareness was not that much as now , but in class XII I joined a coaching centre and cleared AIEEE , but again I dropped without listening to my parents and finally cleared IIT in my last chance .  Till my second year , I didn’t perform academically well because I didn’t  realize the value for that , neither I participated in other extracurricular activities like other IITian’s do , instead of that I passed most of the time thinking about my life, what I want etc . Then in third year , I felt that I should study ,not for  a job but for my own confidence , I worked hard and secured a CPI of 9 , also I became the mentor for my juniors which is a rare case for students  like me . I also participated in various other extracurricular activities, and finally the day came for which all the IITIANS waits , i.e.  placement day , but I was never that excited .I got a job in my first interview , but was not sure whether I want to join that or not . So in my last semester , My very close friend and an advisor Samir approached me with an idea and I was more than excited to do that . We started working , I must say thanks to him for his confidence on me, his motivations  always helped me to take decision . Then , I took another risky decision by joining this venture fulltime and left Job.  So now , I am CEO of this company called 24x7styles and I am heading a team of 30 members  , It’s the biggest learning opportunity for me and I am learning . Having a responsibility of a CEO just after college is very challenging but support  of my team mate , friends and family members are always there to boost my confidence .
Challenges in job
Well as an entrepreneur I did a couple of mistakes and faced many challenges, I would like to share all of them but for the time being let’s share the most important one.
What I realised is it’s not about idea it’s about execution and you need team to execute , so biggest challenge is to get a good team , making them believe in your idea so that they work for idea not for the money you pay them .
Secondly , before jumping , get a clear idea of your financial model of business , I didn’t do it for my last venture and I think it was the biggest mistake ,but this learning is helping me a lot to conceptualize my next venture .

Job made easy
Planning  is the single most important thing for any profile .It is always important to pen down all the problems and start finding the solution on paper , make a proper plan. There is no point of discussing or thinking on air, it’s not an efficient way .
Prospective towards India technical development
Well , technical things takes time to become popular and returns are not short term , So entrepreneurs are not willing to go for these . Secondly , there is a gap in the incentives , a civil engineer from IIT Bombay get a package of 4 lakh and the same guy get a package of more than 8 lakhs in management , so people needs to be enough motivated to opt for a technical job. And there are no proper channel to motivate technical guys , even if it exists, there is a gap between provider and receiver . We have seen recently that app industry in  India is booming and the reason behind is it’s a law capital intensive and early returns are there.  One of my senior is fighting for a tech start-up and it’s been 3 years now , he is still fighting . Luckily he Is enough motivated for not giving up , otherwise at the age of 28 you have a pressure from home, your surroundings for marriage and other social responsibilities , so there is a very high chance that people starts but fails to continue.
family background
Well I am from a middle class family , I lost my dad when I was in class ix , my mother does job in a private farm , my elder brother is doing job in HDFC bank , my sister is a teacher of a private school .

Advice to professionals
Well as an entrepreneur, you need to do trade-off every time , analyses your situation , give weight age to all the possibilities and choose one which has more weight age . As said earlier , financial is the single most important thing of a B.plan.

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