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Sharmili Rajput
Sharmili Rajput

Sharmili Rajput

Marketing Director

Oriflame India


Sharmili Rajput is a member of:

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The Journey So Far:
I joined Oriflame India, wholly owned subsidiary of Oriflame – Swedish Cosmetics major, as their Marketing Director in 2010. I’m taking charge of Oriflame India’s marketing initiatives pan-India. I finished my Engineer in Electronics & Communication and went on to pursue MBA from IIM Calcutta. I am married to Vir who was my classmate in IIM Calcutta and we have a daughter Ivana.  I enjoy running to stay healthy and fit and love to travel.
Job Profile:

Oriflame India happened to me in 2010 where I am the National Marketing Director. I am responsible for Oriflame India’s marketing initiatives pan-India. It feels nice to work in a company that deals with a field you experience every day. Everything today is about marketing, from products to experiences, charity to corporate, and consumers rule the day. It is extremely exciting to work in this industry. Moreover, to work for a beauty brand like Oriflame is a dream come true, with its various challenges & interesting, innovative products & catalogues. There is a lot of newness in my work. No day is a dull day. 

The Decisions That Mattered:
I have an experience of over 16 years in marketing and brand building. Prior to my appointment at Oriflame, I was associated with brands like ABN Amro Bank, Tissot watches, World Gold Council, Knorr Soups et al. where I spearheaded various campaigns and worked towards the creation and management of various marketing activities for brand promotion, increase in sales and volumes of businesses and strategic positioning of brands and sub-brands. It is a great feeling to work in a company that has core values of togetherness, spirit and passion. Oriflame believes in not only providing quality products but also income opportunity for women. I have witnessed examples of life-changing experiences where women belonging to conservative backgrounds have turned into independent, confident professionals because of Oriflame. That is what made me join Oriflame. 
Visions as a Leader:
I have a vision to make Oriflame the must have brand in India. That every household must  have experienced the quality of our fantastic products.
Challenges Faced as a Woman:
Today is the time when the phenomena of democracy and open education have bridged the gap of inequality between both the sexes to a great extent. Modern education has allowed women to come out of the comfort of their homes and proactively participate in the society and to work shoulder-to-shoulder with men in every field. But, there is a still long way to go. Oriflame believes in providing quality products and income opportunity for women in a fun way. We all work in a spirit of camaraderie and look out for each other. The fact that we all believe in the brand and the goals we are working for, it’s all fun affair.
Doing it Differently
All my experiences good or bad add up to what I am today. It’s easy to wish for doing things differently but one learns from his/her mistakes. I am happy the way things have turned out for me and have no regrets. 
Views on women:
Women add vibrancy and colour to the work environment which is very important for a brand like Oriflame. Having said that, women also bring a complementary skill set to the workplace, and can hence contribute towards achieving the goals of the company. Oriflame has based its business model on the feminine skills of intuition, empathy, and social networking, by making women independent Oriflame consultants, and engaging them in direct-selling. The company is now a €1.5 billion enterprise globally and we have more than 2 lakhs independent consultants working at Oriflame India.
Lessons Learned From A Professional Life:
In my professional career firstly I have learned to be happy as it’s a significant part of life. One must work at a place where happiness comes intuitively and naturally. Secondly, I have learned to capitalize on the strengths rather than struggling with the weaknesses.
Plans For The Future:
It’s a very difficult to plan your life perfectly. I am enjoying what I am doing currently.
Accomplishments to Feel Proud About:
Coming to office is like a joy to me and that’s the kind of thing I want my team to inherent. I am proud that at Oriflame, we all come with a happy face and work together like a team. We are there for each other during our highs and lows of life. 
Message to The Working Women:
There is no need of being a man at the workplace. Just be who you really are. Remember that we are unique in every aspect and gifted with the art of balancing professional & personal life. 
A Message for the Budding Professionals
Each and everything you do should have your signature and uniqueness. it can be the simplest of the things or toughest.
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