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Savio Dcunha
Savio Dcunha

Savio Dcunha

Assistant Manager

Capita India Pvt. Ltd.


Savio Dcunha is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I am single. Both my parents have passes away. I live alone.
Most Important Lessons
One size does not fit all. I've learned to be patient. I've also learned life is not fair to everyone and that we all have ups and downs.
Role Model
Jesus. Today a very very large part of the world follows Christianity. Unlike some religions which are 'regional' - Christianity is spread far and wide. True, that all religions layout for the devotee/followers the path to God/salvation/nirvana. But, Jesus showed by example.The example we need today
Comparison With Other Language
Java is designed to bring life to the pages on the Internet. No other language exists that is as easy, versatile and platform neutral as Java. Primarily Java applets allow developers to create applications that was once considered difficult or even impossible.
Degrees That Matter
The Sun certification for Java is a good bet to acquire to prove mastery over Java.
Most Important Career Decisions
Will be making one in the near future - start my own business.
Required Reading
Sun's own website is a good beginning. Google for more on java :)
Areas for the Future
Learning Java will help create applications for handheld devices such as Android. Hence learning a single language allows application to be created/modified for multiple uses/domains.
Current Job Profile
Current job requires lots of work in Excel and some in VBA. Collating data for around 300 employees - incentives / appraisal data, etc
Current Role
Managing data for the processes under me. Production data, incentive data, management data, etc
Work Life Balance
At the end of each day I reflect on what could have been done better and more efficiently. My strong communication ability helps send the message across and gets the work done on time everytime
Plans for the Future
Heading my own business.
Challenges in The Technology
Scope Of Java
Plenty - especially in handheld devices. That is what Java was made for primarily.
Technology Trends
Java has been moving to the smaller devices and will be used primarily to program / control the smart small devices of the future.
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