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Sarvesh Vaidya
Sarvesh Vaidya

Sarvesh Vaidya

Senior Director - HR, Tangoe India Softek Services Pvt. Ltd.

Tangoe India Softek Services Pvt. Ltd.


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My achievements
Milestones have been several, however what delights me is that I have been able to be part of this great journey of HR from being just a time office/ personnel function to finding its seat at the table with the business and in fact driving the business. Experiencing and being part of this transformation in itself has been a great accomplishment for me.
Helping to develop the country
As goes the old saying "Charity begins at home", we as professionals need to be clearly aware of what our rights and responsibilities are and then make the best use of our skills to best utilize those rights and fulfill our responsibilities. Once we start executing on these fronts, then we can take this to the next level within our professional community and then to society at large. I believe that each of us have within us something that we can contribute to the society. It is just a matter of realizing that unique attribute and putting it for the best use of our society and country at large.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
While it is extremely important for an individual to be technically competent to perform the role that s/he is hired for, I put a lot emphasis on the behavioural attributes of an individual and would look for a person who is passionate about his/ her work and career, has a sense of achievement, upholds integrity, maturity and discipline and someone who has a good team/ people orientation.
Pain Points:
One of the biggest pain point for HR is to be strong in execution. Often HR is accused of making only big talks and not really putting things into action.
Advice to upcoming professionals
The only advice that I would like to give is never let the hunger of learning deplete within you and never shy away from doing any job within your professional sphere as you grow. Every work activity that you do as part of your profession, adds to your learning and knowledge and will help you to grow steadily and become a strong professional. Also while it is important to dream big and have larger goals, it is more important to keep doing a reality check on where you are and accordingly taking steps to reach your destination.
Recruiting new generation:
About 60% of our workforce is Gen Y. The typical characteristics of this generation is they are very tech savvy, they like flexible work environment and a good work life balance, they are achievement and team oriented and they expect a lot of attention. Through our cutting edge work and employee centric practices, we are able to keep them well engaged and motivated.
HR Challenges:
You cannot plan for long term strategies in this business environment. Your strategies have to be short term, flexible and having ability to be able to change in a short span. These need to be reviewed constantly and altered as necessary. This therefore puts a lot of pressure on the HR to be ever alert and on its toes, since you may be working your way with a particular strategy in mind and suddenly you may need to alter them in a very short span of time due to change in a business scenario. This alsoe requires HR to be fast paced in decision making and execution.
Current HR Trends:
Some of the most important trends in the HR world are:
1. Managing the talent in an extremely competitive and dynamic environment.
2. Building leadership capabilities at every level instead of focusing on grooming few people.
3. Strategic HR planning keeping in view the dynamic environment.
4. Use of technology in effectively managing various HR initiatives
Being different from other stream
While other fields are focused on their respective domains, HR function cuts across all these domains and hence has a good confluence with each of them. While other fields can keep their attention restricted only on their respective territories, HR needs to equally understand and pay attention to each of their people requirements. I believe that HR is the most powerful and influencing function as compared to any other fields provided it understands its strength and makes best use of its abilities.
Improving Education system
I feel that we are still heavily focused on the quantity of knowledge than the quality of its contents. I feel that we need to let students spend enough time in understanding what, how and why of the education and knowledge they are getting instead of just focusing on how much of it. Today in India the race amongst the schools is for being on top with respect to the passing scores and number of students on top of the chart. I feel that their focus has to be on giving their students wholistic exposure to help them become successful in whatever they wish to do in life.
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