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Sanjeev Sukumaran
Sanjeev Sukumaran

Sanjeev Sukumaran

Vice President, Professional Services and International Sales


Blogs (2)
Working Life Management:
I do not personally see them both differently- hence the word balance is not meaningful. I strongly propogate and follow that Work and Life are an extension of each other and needs to co-exist- you should not look at both differently. I enjoy and look forward to coming to office everyday as though it was my own house.
Degrees That Matter:
Yes and No- Yes, to understand the fundamentals of the business you are in and No if you want to remain within the realms of these certifications- it is important to apply your learnings and continually to learn, adapt and change to be succesfull in a career within any industry.
Plans For The Future:
I would like to access, connect and translate my knowledge and experiences to create something meaningful to the society.
Growth Strategy:
I continually learn, adapt and change!!!
Changes In The Professional Environment:
It has organically grown- there was a time when employees used to adapt to the speed of the system(organisation) from the time they joined- but now, i do see that the system continually changing and being very flexible to accomodate employee interests and well being all for the benefit of self and the organisation
The Decisions That Matter
My intent was to continaully expose myself to the unknown with a goal to understand any business end to end. this has immensely helped me move from a marine engineer to an investment banker to operations, sales and services, Strategy, Human Resources and now into Professional services. Opportunities are there everywhere, if you have your heart trained to feel them, eyes trained to see them and hands trained to grab them you will never miss an opportunity that others often do. My Inquisitiveness and Paranoia has often led me to taken on the unknown and this has immensely helped me shape my career to what it is today
The Journey So Far:
Its been a wonderful one- not to mention that i am what i am because of the numerous individuals i worked for/ with in my career- if it was not for them i would not have been writting this. It all started with me choosing Marine Engineering and then worked around the world for a long time before choosing Investment Banking after nearly a decade here (and a lot of courses to help me understand/ adapt and change- PGP in management, INSEAD, PSychology, PhD etc) i came to see opportunities differently and everywhere- this helped me navigate better. Looking at change, that was a norm in all the companies i worked for, as a must have for any institution to succeed. I was also blessed to work for numerous thought leaders and industry experts along the way who helped me provide the much needed persepctives and insights that helped me calliberate better.
Career Profile:
My current responsibilities are to ensure that the organisation brings in its 25+ years of experience to every customer in a way that will benefit them. The role also demands a thorough understanding of the domain and latest technology. Managing teams remotely and working with customers closely is part of the day to day job. As an extension, i do manage Sales in Europe which means wearing a different hat. The job also demands strategic thinking along with the senior executives to plan and execute the 3-5 year strategy for the organisation. People development is and employee enrichment are core to the organisational culture and all of us contribute to this.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Being able to contribute to the larger society in general. I do offer assistance to various colleges by interacting with students throughout the year and also acting as an adjunct faculty in bringing my experience closer to the next generation workforce.
Advice For New Professionals:
Do what keeps you happy- remember that you are unique and have certain competencies and credentials that are unique to you- if you come across anyone who wants to alter that and like you to clone yourself to someone else- take a step back and follow your instincts- you will be succesfull.
Done Differently:
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