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Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar

Sanjay Kumar

Manager - IT

Bombay Swadeshi Stores


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Company Profile and its IT Policies
About My Company:

  • The
    Bombay Swadeshi Store is in Retail Business. This Store is established
    by Lokyaman Tilak in 1905. India Swadeshi Jagran is started from this
    Store during India Independent Movement.

  • We are selling Artifacts, Apparels, Tea, Herbal Khadi Shop, Crockery, Paintings,Home Accessories etc.

  • This is the India’s first Retail Company listed in Stock Exchange.

  • We have 17 Stores across Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Lonavala, Aurangabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore.

IT Strategy:

  • The Main strategy is our CRM uptime must be around 95 %.

  • Our All the Servers are at HO, Mumbai

  • At each Stores we have Broadband Connection for CRM Data Synchronization and official Communication.

  • We have In house IT Team to Resolve the Store Problems, If there is Hardware Failure then we hire Local Engineer on Call Basis.

  • We give maximum Time on preventive Maintenance to minimize Hardware and Software  Issue at Store and HO Level.

  • We have automated  Backup Procedure for Database and Users Directory.

  • We have outsourced the Support for our CRM to get resolved the Problem within Minimum Time by there expert.

  • We are also using Dropbox for Official File Sharing and User File Sync on Cloud.
Perspective on Innovative Technologies like Cloud and Virtualization
Virtualization is great technology, It is not only minimize Cost, Power
consumption it also helps in migrating Server & Client within
minimum time during Disaster.
Cloud Technology is very good
Technology, We can Access Data, Application Any where on any Machine
whether it is Desktop, Laptop or Smart Phone or I Pad etc.

This Technology also help in the Time of Disaster.
Keeping Pace with Latest Technologies
Reading Magazine, Visiting Websites, News letter in my mailbox and at last attending Technical Seminar.
Personals in your Team
We have 5 Members in My Team.
Biggest Obstacle
Data Synchronization with Stores due to which there are too much problem
in Reporting ( Daily Sales, Daily Stock, Discount, Price, Quantity ) to
Top Management.
Technology as a Rescue Act
Yes, Technology will help to resolve these Pain Points. But the Main
thing is these Reporting issues are not Technical, It is created by the
End User who is doing wrong Operation at there End.
Decisive Role of IT during Recession
Any Innovation is Great that is evolved during SlowDown. Right now There
is no other Industry who is suffering more than Retail. Sales Goes
drastically down.

Just Few Month Back, I was asked for Cloud
Storage and that must be free and also the File Sharing must be in real
time if some one has updated the DATA in the Report.

I searched for many check all free Service, As per My Business Requirement Dropbox was good so I have implemented that.

Dropbox is certainly become critical.  We used to generate Report from
CRM but Simultaneously the Consolidated Report came from store in Excel
from all store and Top Management check it Real Time.
Contemplate Ways to Prevent Security Breach
The Main Challenge Comes from Inside. For that We have given access only
that much information to users. Users cant attach External Device
within Network. Only Few users can access the External Device after
Approval of there HOD.
Importance of Cloud in the Organization
Right now we are just experimenting with Cloud. This is in Neonatal Age. We don’t adopted Cloud Policy.
Using cloud to Secure Database
This is very Critical Issue, Most of the IT head is worrying about Security.

For Example. I have stored my all company information on Cloud. There are certain Question after that.

  • What the Service Provide is doing with My Data ?

  • What will happen if Service Provider company shut down the Shutter ?

  • At the Time of Disaster how long SP will take to keep each Business Process on Track ?

  • Till What extent there Servers are Secure from Hacking and Information Leakage?

Funds Allocated for IT(annually)
Expenses on IT Systems This Year our Budget is very Low and this is till now with TOP Management.
IT Leader must be Manger or Technologist First.
Neither A Manager nor A Technologist.

A Manger are only Facilitator and A Technologist are only Process Enabler. An IT Leader must be a Business Man.

A Technologist enable each and every Business Process And then become
Manager and then Manger Facilitate Each enabled Process then it is
better to be think like Business Man.

In any Industry Technologist played Most Critical and Important Role, Even after that they get sidelined in Decision Making.

Bond between CEO and a CIO
A CEO always in Picture and in Mind of Owner of the Company but A CIO not.
Welcoming New technologies
We have just implemented New CRM, Also IT Budget not too much So Right Now I am not looking for any New Technology.

The Main thing is Business and within 4 -5 Years The People with Business Logic and Technology will run any Business.
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