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Sangeetha Chakravarthy
Sangeetha Chakravarthy

Sangeetha Chakravarthy

Head - Corporate Communications

Vedanta - Sesa Goa Iron Ore


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My current job profile
My current job profile is to provide leadership to the Corporate Communication function by building and managing the brand reputation among all key stakeholders, internal and external. I am responsible for both internal and external communication, plan and execute various communication activities: internal, external, marketing, PR etc. I am also the single point of contact for all communication related to the corporate with regard to media relations. In my role, I also ensure compliance to corporate brand guidelines , supervise all official events and vet brand collaterals. In a nutshell, you could say, I am the bridge between management and employees (for all internal communication) and organisation and external stakeholders (for all external communication). Thereby, ensuring there is constant and consistent messaging with a “One Voice, One Message” concept.

Ensuring Growth
To ensure you continue to grow and develop as a Leader you must never stop learning. I try and learn from everything around me. Learn from surroundings, situations, people, feedback. The day you stop learning you also cease as a Leader is what I believe.
Important career decisions
I have been making and continue to make all my important career decisions. Being married very early at the age of 20 it has been a strong decision making path. And the legacy continues. Continuing with academics while being a full time mom and wife, handling a highly stressful career while maintaining a work / life balance has been a challenge. Tough decisions which have kept me away from family for long durations but kept going with the undaunted support of family. I owe it all to them.
Handling Office disputes
There are many a times when a leader faces such a situation. I have always dealt such situations with empathy and put myself in the employee’s shoes. That is the best way to handle the issue and also is a win-win situation for both.

Advice to upcoming leaders
Firstly, I wouldn’t qualify myself to be giving advice, all of us come with our imperfections. And none of us is perfect enough to be doling out advice. What I would definitely look for in an upcoming management leader is transparency, trust in his team, excellent people management skills and great understanding.
Managing personal and professional life
A productive team is one that is committed and engaged. As long as you engage and connect with your team, peers and superiors you are connecting the dots. Trust your team, learn from peers, encourage feedback from superiors. When these three are taken care of you have nothing going wrong for you in your professional front.
· And I think the same applies for the personal front too. We all learn from our mistakes. You always have to go back to the beginning to understand the end; so never give up on your basics.

Leadership qualities
Leadership is about being able to inspire. As a leader, you are just like the captain of a team. You sail with the team, play hard, play fast and win. Being a team player while leading the team is an essential skill. A good leader, inspires, accepts his mistakes (if any), does not micro manage and trusts his people. Leaders develop leaders.

My views on India Technical development
India abounds in technical talent. What we lack are opportunities and platforms. There are many factors we need to look at to improve our country’s technical aspect. Education, Government policies, employment opportunities, social fabric of the country all need to undergo a real paradigm shift if we need to become one such country.
Inspired by
My husband is my icon. Had it not been for him I would not have come this far in life. It has not been a smooth sailing for us in life and he has stood by me every second of my life. Being that pillar of strength at every step of my career and offering me motivation and support.
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