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Sameer Uddin
Sameer Uddin

Sameer Uddin

Software engineer

Leading Pharmasuiticals - UAE


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Making job easier
Friendly nature and knowledge sharing will bring you close to your colleagues. No one is perfect , every one will do mistakes and if you feel some of your colleague is doing any mistake then spare some time for them and teach them what you know which builds a strong team to help each other and makes you to learn how to lead a team if your team is not perfect. Its all depend how you move with people around you. Be open to your ideas.
Goals and Ambitions
To become a leader where my team and people around me have to praise me as a perfect leader to manage the team and company. Want to achieve a position where i can be part of growth in an organizational level or to start a company where i can give good career to some of the people who are eager to work in IT firms.
Family Background
My father was a teacher by profession, now he is retired. My mother is home maker. I have 2 elder brothers and 3 elder sisters, all are well educated and settled down in teaching field. I am the one who is into Software profession from my family. I got married in the year 2009 to Asma Anjum who has done Mtech in Computer science , she did Mtech after marriage and right now taking care of kids. I have 2 kids. Son age is 2 years 2 months and daughter is 6 months old. We are the cool and happy family as i spare time for both my job as well as to my family where i can be able to balance my professional life and personnel life.
Books recommended
First of all i recommend people to get a confident on themselves as nothing is impossible. The student who comes out of college has to be always optimistic not pessimistic. They can read some books which brings confident in you and then some of the books or thru google they have to improve in the respective technology in which they want to settle down. As much as some one will struggle for job that much he will become close to his goal.
Company and job profile
I am known as Syed in the IT industry, i married Asma Anjum in the year of 2009 and have 2 kids, Son and Daughter. I worked for both Manufacturing and as well as IT consulting companies.Presently working as a Admin Consultant for an ERP system.
My important career decision
Changing the company when you are bound to routine work and not getting anything new to learn. Never look for hike in your package when you are in learning stage and getting chance to learn. Update yourself as an when technology is changing.
Current Trends
The upcoming technologies where after couple of years human interaction will be very less compare to existing usage.
My advice
Stick on to the job for long time and learn as much as they can for their coming future.
My strongest Skill
Creating network in your own field, analyzing the system thoroughly. Helping others to resolve their issues even people from outside organization. Communication skills to convince the clients.
Being different
Irrespective to Degree what you earn, i always believe that who ever having strong skills in his specified field he is the engineer to his field. I always approach the juniors who stuck in mid of the issues and try to resolve where i also learn so many things from them. I always believe that leader is not who just got the lead position , leader is who manage the team and fill the team with spirit. Always team should feel that they have some one who is there to help us any time and to lead them in right path.
My achievement
Drove a small company and brought business leads and projects by convincing the customer from the huge competition market. Guided and helped to some of the people to settle down in their careers.
Challenges faced in job
Learning the new features introduced by the product owner and implementing them as an when released in the market. If you have knowledge of a particular product starting from the old version to new version then you will be the master of that product which helps you a lot in your future.
My role model
My Role model is Vivekananda Swamy, who always used to have confident in himself and he used to say that if you dont come across any mistake in a day means you are not in right path. Its common that every one do mistakes but with that mistakes when you become strong in your field then it leads you to become a strong leader.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
Luxury life addiction. And ignorance of the big companies for investing in developing new products. Always our big companies will look for support projects or upgrade of existing one. Have to give flexibility to employees to work on product development and to open up ideas.Involving the right talented people in the business.
Managing professional as well as personal life
I always try to give balancing to my personal life. Will never bring professional life into personal life. Will always give what ever time defined for my job and to my family. Even working in shifts also we should spare time for family. When you love either job or company you loose one in your life so always have to respect the job and have to love your family which balance your professional and personal life.
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