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Saalis Umer
Saalis Umer

Saalis Umer

IT Professional



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Brief description about me
I have graduated in Electronics and Communication engineering two years back from Jamia Millia Islamia, but I would say I am still a student of life. As a profession, I have chosen iPhone and iPad applications development. I am currently based in New Delhi working in Vinsol. I make apps for clients, and sometimes try to build products of my own. TCS was my first job destination where I worked for about 16 months. Two years into the IT industry but still I am learning new things everyday.

Important career decison
The decision to become an engineer despite family inclination to go for medicine was the first critical decision for my career. After completing engineering I joined TCS, which I left just after 16 months. I was getting the feeling that the "keeda" of the software developer inside, may just die in a service industry where there are 200 thousand employees. So, I switched from the biggest IT company in India to a very small and unknown company based in West Delhi. It was the most critical decision I took along my career path.

Degree that matters
Since my college days, the academicians tried to persuade me to do M.Tech and the corporate fellows suggested MBA. I haven't done either. I do feel one shouldn't get degrees and certifications for the sake of it. One should follow his own instincts wisely looking at his or her abilities.

Prospective towards frashers
The exuberance, eagerness, excitement and freshness that a fresher has, can't be found in a person who has work-ex of say 10 years. An experienced person is always technically more sound, but a young person who hasn't yet made it large will always be willing to go an extra mile to solve a problem. Also, if freshers aren't hired, how will the experienced people be born?

My strongest skill
I am an honest hard-working person with lot of patience and willingness to take risk. While my peers have chosen the safe tried and tested methods like Bank PO, MBA etc., I am more eager to explore the profession that suits me and thankfully I have found one. And I am ready to persist on my way.

My role model
I get inspired by real life heroes. My father migrated from a small town in Bihar to Delhi about 35 years ago. He started his career in journalism here at a salary of just Rs 400 per month. He gave us the best possible education, and whatever I am today it is because of him and my mother's efforts. I get inspired by him not only because I am his son, but also because he had the courage to take risk and establish his family at a place he had never been before.
If I have to choose some living social figure, I would say Mahendra Singh Dhoni who is one of the most gutsy personality I have seen. He is the real small-town hero of India.

Upcoming trends
In the recent years, the reach of technology has really widened. Now, Internet and mobile apps are not just the tools of geeks. A common man now knows that 3G is faster than 2G, and Google means information. Government has some good plans for pushing the technology further to rural parts of India, which I think will be the real game changer for industry as well as people of this country. Imagine a farmer having a voice chat with a Agriculture expert and a doctor examining a villager on video conference and signing an e-Prescription.

My goal
My goal is to keep my hunger for technology alive. In the next five years, I want to become an active contributor for shaping the future of technology. I want to build some products which can touch everyday routine life of a normal person.

family background
I am born and brought up in a middle class Muslim family in Delhi. My family heirs from Darbhanga, Bihar. My father is associated with English and Urdu media and my Mother is a housewife. My elder sister is a teacher and the younger one is studying Physiotherapy.
Advice from elders
Everyone can't do smart work but everyone can do hard work.

My achievements
Today, I am regarded as a good Software Developer in the industry. I still have a big ladder to climb, but I do feel proud with the fact that I have reached this position with my hard and honest efforts and at the same time keeping my integrity intact.

Advice to students
Follow your passion and don't be afraid to take risks. Be honest to yourself, maintain your integrity, do hard work and feel proud in what you do.

My point of view
I think "3 Idiots" movie has answered this question very aptly. We Indians have a culture of playing safe. We encourage the young guns to do things the same way it had been done before. We only produce book-muggers and do not stimulate innovations at all. Even if someone is innovative, he will be pushed to choose a job over entrepreneurship by our society. Western Countries have proved that the young entrepreneurs are the ones who take technology to the next level. We need to groom and encourage our school and college students to innovate and come out with new ideas.

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