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Romeo Haokip
Romeo Haokip

Romeo Haokip

Neuro Semantics-NLP Trainer

Leaps Management Consulting

Brief description about me
With around 15 years of being in the Learning and Development Industry, one can't help but appreciate the the journey of personal transformation one goes through themselves. Have read the minds of most of the best of the best Self Help Gurus, interacted with Icons and Beacons of Hope of our generation within and abroad, had my "Born Again" moment in 1999, had my fair share of struggles, failures, setback and embarrassment but above it all rose up like a phoenix with greater determination and higher appreciation of what the University of Life has to offer to me.

I've always believed in Human Potential development since my "Born Again" moment. And that major milestone in my life has driven me to the pursuit of Self Actualization and have never looked back since. Though my family could not support me for further studies, I worked hard to sponsor myself to complete my MBA in HR, MBTI Certification,NLP Certifications and now am the only Indian Neuro Semantics-NLP Trainer in South India.
Important decision
There are a couple of major decisions that shaped what am today. First was my decision to leave my war striven state to pursue my dream and that was not easy since my parent did not have the money to sponsor my education outside the state. That was 1997, when I was sent to Pune to do my graduation as sheer desperation effort to save me from the bad company I kept.

The second decision I made was in 1999,when my tiny constrained and restricted Manipuri brain went from being a Manipuri to becoming a Global citizen with lots of neurons firing off in my neurology to prepare me to be a Self Actualizing entity.

The third decision I made was in 2007 when my brain ran from being an employee to wanting to become an Entrepreneur and I started my own Firm in 2011.

Fourth was in 2013, when I decided I needed a Self Actualization model to help my clients,so I went to Hongkong and became a Neuro Semantics NLP Licensed Trainer and Coach. And today am one of the T
Thoughts on Education system of our country
In India our focus has been too much on technical, professional or vocational efficiency and that has left out much of value based education. We put students with high IQ on the pedestal and make them believe the world will be theirs if they just become meritorious but you know life is different and its not just about our efficiency at our workplace, it requires both efficiency and effectiveness in every departments of our lives.

I had the opportunity of making character evaluation a part of the overall mark scoring system in one of the local school in my state, so that students and teachers have a sense of emphasizing on how lifestyle is a major ingredient of success in life.

I also had the pleasure of introducing My Whizhardry, a product of Neuro Semantics model at Ryan's International with my colleague John Hunter Murray from Australia to empower kids to become response-able about their thinking,emotions,speech and behaviors.

We need an emphasis on values based education today.
My strongest skill
My strongest professional skill is helping people believe in their untapped potentials and how they can do that by learning how to run their own brain. Unfortunately, we were not born with a manual to run our own brains and so have accumulated cultural, religious, national, educational, parenting or peer influence upbringing to map our model of our world.

Our model of the world is not perfect. Reality has never been out there; it has always been inside our head. There are unconscious frames and meanings loaded in our Matrix of our mind that are not necessarily helping us to pursue our best. Its only when we step out of the Matrix that we come to our senses and the realization of the enormous power that we have within.

My forte is in training and coaching the neurology for success and peak performance conditioning. Our mind-emotions-body are inter connected and if we dont know how to manage our states, than we will always never have the energy to make our dream come to fruition.
Important lesson learned
Some of the important lessons life has taught me has also become a part of my value system. One needs to be first of all open minded to ideas, suggestions and even correction. If you dont want correction in your life, you're not fit to lead people. If you've never been corrected, than how would you have the audacity to correct others. Be open for change and by change I mean deep internal conditionings that you've become comfortable in. Be open to change your personality for we are community based people. We dont live for ourselves only.

I would also live to drive home the importance of authenticity in today's world of showbiz and facade. Let people have a taste of the real you in all your frailty and humanness. When we dont live a congruent lives, its our neurology that takes the toll and we are the ones who suffer; and for what purpose and at what price?

Also success to me is not measured by how flamboyant lifestyle you live, but how humble and how giving you are.
Ensuring success
Am a lifelong learner and will continue to do so till am on my deathbed. Learning is one of my highest value in life and I dont mind if I have to go through pain and tribulation or persecution to achieve that. If at all, my pain and sacrifice amounts to me attaining a bit of wisdom, than its a price well paid.

I stay open, flexible, curious and welcoming when it comes to learning. I never say am learnt enough or have gain mastery, though I may be the Top Neuro Semantics Expert in India, I still have a long way to go before I achieve even half of that compared to my global colleagues.

Am driven my passion, purpose and higher calling to constantly learn and become 10 times wiser than my colleagues or counterparts in the same field of learning. It comes from my deep spiritual understanding and upbringing that all these if for fulfilling the call on my life and to give it back to the people. I need to be in the best shape to cater to my clients and the people am accountable to.
Degree that I recommend
I have completed my NLP Pracitioner, Master Practitioner and my Trainer's Training with Michael Hall the Founder of Neuro Semantics. Am on my track of preparing myself for the Master Trainer level- the feat of which only 4 people have accomplished in the world because of its rigorous and ethical benchmarking process.

Am also preparing myself for the next level of Meta Coaching certification, one of the most rigorous coaching system in the world with far better models, competencies scale, techniques and patterns compared to the ICF coaching model. This coaching system says a lot about your coaching competencies, and you've got to earn it through your showcase of competencies.

I would recommend everyone to experience Neuro Semantics NLP as there is nothing more worthwhile than being able to run your brain and manage your states at will. This is the stuffs that will give you propulsion system in life to be able to dream big and achieve any outcomes you want.
Initiative to develop a country
Its take the whole governance system, and the citizens to create a developed India. However, if we rely entirely on the government for all changes in India, we will have to wait for some more centuries to see a developed India.

A developed India is not in its infrastructure alone or how robust the democratic system is or our governance system. It lies on the mindset of the Indians. As professionals we need to take initiatives that are current and relevant for our times to address issues where our passion lies in and contribute in whatever form we can.

It just takes one to raise a voice to have an issue based leadership or community. Which issue do you want to initiate or be a part of? You think you're alone but hell no, there are a lot of professionals out there thinking just like you, of how we can enhance the image of India to the world.

As professionals, we need to start development of India first within the confine of our home boundaries and the people at our workplace.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A successful leader needs to have a conviction for something, a cause for which he willing to give up his life. Do you have one? A half hearted leader will always have half hearted followers. Competencies alone will not guarantee a leader a place in the leadership pedestal. You need higher intention of purpose, vision and clarity of where you're headed for people to even associate with you. Learn to develop a vision worth dying for.

A leader needs to have self mastery in life first. He must attain private victory over his soul before claiming public victories. A congruent lifestyle has a transcendental transformational power to effect change in others. Lead thyself first before even trying to lead others.

A leaders needs to a sense of self security and self worth that comes from his vision and inner character. If a leaders relies on other referencing he will always try to please people. Learn to recognise the potential and talents of others around and support them.
My achievements
I am in a way my own achievement as I am the CEO of my life, I've fairly achieve what others have failed to achieve in terms of personal mastery which is a pre-requisite I think for any successful endeavors in life.

I know if I can achieve mastery over my emotions, my thoughts, my speech and behaviors that is the biggest accomplishment for any person in life. I compare this to attainment of true wealth. True wealth comes from the inside out and not on what we have alone. There are people who are financially well who cannot even have mastery over their own self and suffer in their relationships at home, workplace and in social settings. Some do no learn to manage themselves when turbulence in life hits them.

Am happy in all the departments of my life. My wheel of life is running with lesser bumps now. I still have some areas to work out but that's the best part of what life is all about.

Professionally and in business,I have built a platform for myself and will go on perfecting.
Couple of years from now
A couple of years from now, I will be travelling globally across nations to impart teaching, training and coaching high level executives to become better leaders. I will have network, associates, partners and agents who will co-ordinate my itinerary for worldwide campaign for my upcoming seminars, workshops, keynotes and training.

I will also engage in what I love most which is giving back to the society. I will be pioneering the works of Neuro Semantics in India and engage organizations to apply the Self actualization model to their organisations.

I will also teach and reach out to my community members across India, to support them, encourage them, activate their destinies and callings.
My role model
Across times, Jesus has been the biggest influence in my life in terms of the depth of his teachings, his servanthood model of leadership, his ability to inspire confidence and commitment from His followers. His teachings have been more alive and relevant in this century than ever before.

Tony Robbins, the self made Self Help Guru is another inspiration. His commitment to become what he wanted to become and sticking to his commitments and everybody knows where he is today. I like the fact that he is a self actualizing individual and does philanthropic activities.

More closer home, I have a friend and a mentor in Mumbai, who has been a constant and major influence in my life since 1999. He has been an anchor of support, a place for correction and accountability. I have learnt to make myself accountable to someone over my life, so that there is someone who is there to give me correction when I need it. He is like a father figure to me.
More about myself
I would like to welcome leaders to experience Neuro Semantics and NLP. Because leaders are people who have to hard decisions everyday and are pressed for time to act on important matters before end of day. That if leaders can learn to operate from instinctive behaviors that will drive consistent performance that arises from their highest values, they will live a lesser stress free live and become more available for the people they lead.

One of the major disadvantage of leaders is that they are usually at the top and they are mostly miserable and alone when times are tough. Neuro Semantics-NLP can help them overcome a lot of their personal struggles, help them think creatively, do more problem solving and help them to become masters of their outcomes and not operate as victims of circumstances or time. You can contact me if you want some free reading material to start off so that you can grasp the basic facts.
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