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Ask Rohit Dubey for Advice
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Rohit Dubey
Rohit Dubey

Rohit Dubey

Windows Consultant

Capgemini India Pvt. LTD

Contribution to the field
"I remember the day I completed patching on 500 Servers from beginning to end all by myself. Since I was an entry level Associate, this accomplishment really felt good because it was my first major step."

"One day our Manager came out of his office asking who did the patchnig for ABC Client. I didn't know if he was upset or impressed. I said I did it and he basically said, great job and went back to his office. This was memorable because the Manager never did this before."
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Not So Much.I'm not saying it's all bad, but it's best to adopt the position, “if you can't beat them, join them.
Required Reading:
Microsoft, VMWare, Cloud Computing.
Career Profile:
Providing support to multiple Clients, Working as a Consultant (Wintel), managing over 15000 Windows Server 2000/2003/2008.
Ensuring 100 percent uptime/availability of servers by maintaining the OS health and hardware checkup.
Managing HP Proliant servers remotely through ILO/RILO.
Prompt resolution of escalated client concerns and disputes as per service quality standards. Identifying causes for dissatisfaction among customers & taking steps to overcome the same.
The Journey So Far:
Being an incisive, result driven professional with over 4+ years of experience in Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) and Customer Relationship Management.Learning has been a continuous process in life.“One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt is that you have to bulldoze your way through sometimes, while it’s necessary to go slow when required. Imbalances on either side would lead to friction"The other is the acquired ability to listen.

“There may be certain strengths in you that are latent because you think they are not important. But in the course of time and learning those very strengths become essential for your personal and organizational growth"
Degrees That Matter:
Certification: MCITP,ITIL,VMWARE
The Decisions That Matter
I remember how much shocked my parents were and how much scared I was when I decided to leave home to attend my college in a different city. But, that was the most important decision I had ever made.

Once I left home. I learnt the meaning of Independance and Freedom.At first I had felt somewhat uncomfortable of being away from home and away from the parental guidance. Because for the first time I was all by myself. Then I realised I was Independant. There I learnt to take life's important decisions, alone. My parents were not there to guide me through the right track. Whether it was about taking some course or was about making new friends, I had to make the all the decisions wisely all by myself.

Freedom or Independance always comes packaged with Discipline. If you miss Discipline, you miss the whole essence of Freedom. I chose to shape up my life for a successful life and career ahead
Family Background
I belongs to City of (Taj)Agra. Belongs to a Middle class family, My father is a governemnt employee,mother is a housewife. I started my career with IEnergizer as a TEch Support Executive in 2009. After Four years, Now Currently serving Capgemini as a Windows Consultant.
Growth Strategy:
As a leader of a highly qualified team, I tell myself that I may not have grown this way if I had considered education. Real merit lies in the ability, the capability and the kind of attitude you show.”
Advice For New Professionals:
Several of young professionals felt that they didn’t belong or fit in their workplace; they were uncertain about who to trust and didn’t respect the manner in which they were being led. Without question, young professionals want their space and an opportunity to express their voice without limitation.

Hard Work Leads to Success.Real merit lies in the ability, the capability and the kind of attitude you show.”
Job Profile:
Currently associated with Capgemini Ltd, with its Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) unit, Hyderabad as Windows Consultant with multiple clients

Providing support to multiple Clients, Working as a Consultant (Wintel), managing over 15000 Windows Server 2000/2003/2008.
Performing Health checks on servers and performing a reboot if necessary.
Troubleshooting on the alerts based on monitoring tools such as Nagios, Whats up, Solar Winds.
Guide customers through phone or via email about the use of a particular device, system or software
Ensuring 100 percent uptime/availability of servers by maintaining the OS health and hardware checkup.
Ensuring minimum turnaround time for resolving customer complaints, and maintaining high customer satisfaction levels.
Resourceful at maintaining business relationship with clients to achieve quality product and service norms by resolving their service related critical issues.
Plans For The Future:
After five year, I want to develop myself in such way that I can adjust on any new technology or on any new trends.

I see myself as an important resource to an organization where my position reflects my hard work and dedication and it proves my skill and receiving best employee award for the same.
Other Thoughts:
Thats All
Role Model:
I am a non-believer in one role model concept. Leaders are bundle of strengths and weaknesses. When strengths overcome weaknesses, you become a better leader.Blindly role modeling or following a leader may not always make one a success since you may end up imbibing the negatives too or the context in which a role model you admire may be a different context in which you perform. I had several role models in my life and all of them have enriched me to become what I am.

Hence I do what I feel as right than going by what my role models would have done
Professional Strengths:
Resourceful in the completion of projects, effective at multi-tasking
Ability to analyze the cause of problem at the grass root level.
Take initiatives to improve the performance of individual, team and process.
Detail-oriented, efficient and organized professional with extensive experience in client relationship mgmt and operation systems.
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