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Ravindra Kumar
Ravindra Kumar

Ravindra Kumar

Business Manager - Middle East - Engineering Ol & Gas Verticals

Adecco Group

How Do You Recruit & Retain the diverse and ambitious Generation Y. Are they Really Ambitious?
Young generation is really more ambitious when it comes to new challenges they are always on high and actually it is the need of time, technology, manners, people, trends is changing very fast and to be in the competition we need to keep up going with gen y thoughts.
Recommended Reading
LinkedIn and blogs based on the preferred industry.
Relationship with HR and Top Management
I feel that employees are the most valuable asset of any company and they need to be selected, maintained and retained by employing best available resources in any organization. I have been in Recruitment industry since last 8 years and I have simply learnt the basics of any profitable business is always an honest and consultative approach towards employees at any level from the management, employees are key factors in profit and loss of any organization, they should be given attention when it comes to their needs, they should be listen at the right time to increase not only professional productivity but their level on personal life as well, we should come up with best policies and ER approach to get the maximum from them.
Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
Honest and simple in attitude with principles - 1. Passion, 2. Dedication, 3. Experience, 4. Qualification.
Helping to develop the country
Work hard on social education and technology for all round development to get the pace with fast moving world.
HR Challenges:
Integrating human resource management strategies and systems to achieve the overall mission, strategies, and success of the firm while meeting the needs of employees and other stakeholders. When you make HR strategies we should be careful about betterment of stall, management as well as vendors, suppliers to achieve set goals. It should be employee friendly, which can meet the goals and desire of management and should be happy for all levels.

The overall purpose of strategic HR planning is to:
•Ensure adequate human resources to meet the strategic goals and operational plans of your organization - the right people with the right skills at the right time
•Keep up with social, economic, legislative and technological trends that impact on human resources in your area and in the sector
•Remain flexible so that your organization can manage change if the future is different than anticipated
•Assessing the current HR capacity
•Forecasting HR requirements
•Gap analysis
•Developing HR strategy
HR Strategies In Place
•We use to assess the current HR capacity and do changes as required time by time.
•Forecasting HR requirements
•Gap analysis.
•Developing HR strategies to support organizational strategies
Improving Education system
As far as current education system in India, its need to put the focus on Social education and human psychology to equalize the gap in different industry.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
Any individual with fire in any profession, passion for achievements and dedication to deliver the task can be a leader.
Current HR Trends:
Talent intelligence - With organization gaining ground on their understanding of big data, the importance of HR-themed analytics will become more crucial in 2014. Social media need to be explored more and more, we need to expend for further to retain the employees to get the desired performance and we need to act borderless and become global to achieve set goals
Parting Thoughts
There is no shortcut for success, keep going with passion and dedication, success will be yours.
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