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Ravi Kumar B
Ravi Kumar B

Ravi Kumar B

Internal Auditor

National Seeds Corporation Limited

Influenced by
Swami Vivekananda and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam for their contribution to the human and being proud Indians and made difference from others.

Mr K S Vyas and Mrs. Jyothi of BHEL R&D, who made me to think about future and for pursuing ICWA.

Learning from every one around me since my childhood. Of course my wife is always with me to support for any action I take.
Important lesson learned
Working hard will not sufficient, it should be made known to the bosses. Rare bosses will understand your work, as many needs pleasing attitude than work. Otherwise career progress will become slow/stopped. Since career progress is dependent on previous job and inter-dependent.
Brief description about me
I am a Cost Accountant and completed MBA and M Com. I have also done polytechnic Diploma in Commercial and Computer Practice (DCCP). I have 14 years of experience in different industries and in various areas like Secretarial, data processing, banking, Finance and Accounts and Internal Audit. I started my career at my 19th year with DCCP qualification at Hyderabad, since I don't have financial support. All of my education from B Com onwards went in distance mode.
Couple of years from now
I am 34 years now, I want to be a Director Finance atleast by 50th year. I want to change the system for getting profits with Cost Control and Cost reduction with efficient use of Man, Machine and Technology and provide customer with quality item for lesser price. Nowadays most of the managements concentrated in earning profits with increased prices. Especially nowadays consumer is thinking about price while purchasing any item in the market especially middle and lower class as rates are going higher and higher every month.
My achievements
Ideas submitted while working for private sector bank, wherein they are approved and implemented. Some were rejected at that time and implemented later after two years for their stock trading company.

Change of payment system for farmers through RTGS/NEFT in current job and seeing smile in their faces.

Accomplishment of ICWAI, MBA and M.Com. while working. Now much more to do career wise.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
To be frank, education became big business in India nowadays. Tax free income and less regulations and control by Government. Privatization of education is should not have been encouraged in India.

Common man is not in a position to educate their children as it became un-catchable grape.
Many people are not ready to send their children to Government school since education is not good, in their mind and reality also.

When you compare teachers at Government schools are more qualified than private schools. Then why quality of education is poor in most of the Government schools? Why many people are not interested to send their children to Government schools?

Most of the people study hard and get a job as Government school teacher for their sake to get good salary, flexible timings and holidays and forgetting their major role of providing quality education and handing over bright people to the country.
My role model
Mother Theresa

Where is Yugoslavia and Where is India? Why she should sacrifice her life in India. Humanity is required for every person on the earth as a human being.
Degree that I recommend
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Successful leader is a person who is a reader of people.
S M A R T worker than a Hard worker.
Ensuring success
Knowledge accumulation and sharing.
Steps for career progress where there is recognition and faster growth.
Spend money with care.
My family background
I am a person who born in a village of less than 30 families wherein there is no school and hospital. I am from a poor family. I know the difficulties faced by a common man.

My father died at my age of 12 years. I have one elder brother and sister; My mother supported for my pre-university education and brother shown path.

I have two kids, one studying KG and another yet to go to School. My wife has done B.Sc., B.Ed. and taking care of children.
More about myself
Life is beautiful and short. Live like a king, it is your life.
Everyday many people are born and die......... Important thing is not to be one among them. There should be meaning for Life. Do something being born as a human being to be remembered for generations.
Initiative to develop a country
Any contribution which has significant effect on person. Nowadays if you observe why China items have demand in India? Does India has short of mind power and technology? Why people are migrating to other countries?

I personally feel that lot of corruption in India and lot of influence on every activity. There is no equal opportunity to all. Real talent is not recognised.

Everybody should work for their country to develop and earn in India only.

Why people should study in India and go and serve for other countries to develop?
My strongest skill
Cost Control and Cost reduction.
Auditing to improve the systems and efficiency.
Thinking about improvement while working with existing.
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