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Rasheed Mushtaq Hyder
Rasheed Mushtaq Hyder

Rasheed Mushtaq Hyder

General Manager Sales and Head Guest Relationship Center

Pragati Green Meadows & Resorts Ltd.


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Importance of 4ps
4P's - Product, Price, Place & Promotion.
These are basic things which is very well used and are few things you must know when planning your marketing campaign. These factors are the "Principles of Marketing". Learning how to market correctly is the biggest task when starting a new business or selling a new product. Without proper marketing, your endeavors will more than likely not succeed. The following are some basic principles of marketing - 4P (Product, Price, Place & Promotions ).
Growth Prospect in marketing
Its only his own willpower and hard work will pay him and march him towards the success and makes him to climb faster then others.
Usually Sales & Marketing people gets the first chance of climbing high as its all depends on individual performances.
Importance of sales
Revenue Generation Department is only Sales in any Organization, A Good Sales Force leads an Organization from front and keep growing high till Everest.
Any thing which is produced has to come to market, so the role of sales persons comes in picture. The Products visibility shows the efforts of a sales person and the usage shows the sharpness and understanding of the product which is been presented as per the users requirement.
Importance of STP
To Prove Existence and hold in market these aspects has to be priorities Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning.

Segmentation - A Good Sales & Marketing Person first choose the Segment to be concentrated for the Product.

Targeting - Comes with Segments. Product offered to sell, has to be targeted as per its functions and usage criteria, if this is clear then products movement is smooth and easy to sell.

Positioning - When a Proper Segmentation & Targeting is done or framed then the Positioning is Automatically done.

These 3 aspects are co-related to each other, so these are basic aspects of selling.
Importance of Marketing
In General, Marketing is a Key Concept for a product's existence and stability, with views and acceptance of market. So a good marketing person is always an asset to an Organization(to see the Product of your Organization gives the best for its users).
In the same regards I hope and try my level best to be an asset for my Organization.
Positioning the product
I give a rank of 7 out of 10 to my product.
As this review is with usage and acceptance of market and general users, their acceptance and re usage of it and recommending their colleagues and others for the same.
Marketing - It self defines Existence in Market, its self explanatory.
Presales or Promotion or Advertising of any product with views and reviews of Market is Marketing OR Method of making existence of product in Market.

Every Organization requires Marketing and its must for an Organization.
Role in an organization
The general manager’s responsibilities involve supervision, public relations, marketing, profitability and sales, service, reporting, capital requirements.
I keep myself involved in trying various methods of increasing business.
To maintain a positive attitude that promotes team work within the
cooperative and a favorable image of the cooperative.
Develop and communicate cooperative goals and results to all personnel.
Select, supervise, and support the employee team.
Plan for and provide opportunities for employee advancement and development.
Public relations involves building and maintaining positive relationships with cooperative members, other cooperatives, and the business community.
Marketing involves developing and directing marketing activities.
Profitability and sales involves establishing and achieving sales and profitability goals, and increasing the cooperative’s market share through regular sales efforts.
Sales & Marketing is only stream which is Target Oriented, Mobility, Revenue Generation, Guest Attraction, Market Acceptance.
Future trend
One Major Change / Trend is observed that Products are ruled by the user and we change or tailor make the things according to the user and with other multiple options for their satisfaction.
Sales & Marketing it self motivates people to join the stream. Where there is Revenue Generation then their is Revenue Earnings for self. So where is Revenue Earnings Motivation can be seen in their eyes.
A Greed towards Success is a motivation for every one.
Marketing - Is a Presales Process, ie to make visible in Market with Promotions and to increase need in everyone is Marketing.
Sales - To identify and fulfill needs which is been created is Sales.
Future prospect
I would like to see myself as Rasheed Mushtaq Hyder instead being related to some ?????
Brief yourself
I am from a Family of Doctors and Engineers who had chosen his own stream from other Family Members, an MBA in Marketing and Hospitality. My Family consists of Self with my wife and 2 Kids.
My Ambition is to become a Good Human Being, where my Qualities would Speak About me other then the Designation. I would like People to remember me as a Good Human Being then as a Good Leader or a Superior.
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