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Ask Jignesh Vasavada for Advice
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Jignesh Vasavada
Jignesh Vasavada

Jignesh Vasavada

e-Entrepreneur and Mercenary Writer


Thoughts on Education system of our country
I strongly believe education, in the present form is middle class syllabus taught by middle class teachers creating more middle class mindsets. There is rarely ignition. There is no give and take. Teaching is not the choice of profession of the toppers. Treat the teachers as superiors, give them excellent salaries and see toppers making this a profession. Ordinary people are creating ordinary kids and an ordinary generation. My son, without the formal education has a better chance of making it big in life than with an education. He will not be conditioned by education.
Important lesson learned
1. Dream. It is ok.
2. Don't be scared.
4. Don't always conform to rules. Its ok to break off.
8. Live your life as if you will die at the end, everyday.
3. Spread happiness. It will always come back.
5. Try something HUGE. Lose everything if you have to. But die trying.
7. It is never too late to do anything.
10. Love everyone. Fall in love over and over again.
11. Never stop helping.
12. Aspire, achieve, be happy.
19. Find time for self.
My family background
An Honest Grandfather whose passion was teaching. Lived in a joint family in a progressive town of London. A working grandmom in the days when women were not allowed to step out.
A scrupulously honest father. Government employee, helped us travel the lengths and breaths of the country.
An ambitious mom, who had a zest for life.
A very intelligent wife belonging to a very intelligent and forward family.
A son with a sense of humour and love for all things fun.
My achievements
Marriage to Shreelinee.
Son Krish.
Decent brother and son.
A scale 2 to Scale 10 employee.
Pioneer in various ideas.
More than 20 National and International Awards Winner.
Ensuring success
Quitting and re-starting.
Coming out of my Comfort zone.
Each decade adopting the latest technology and peaking in it.
The 90s was for print. I ended as a first person feature columnist.
The 2000 was Radio. Starting a copywriter I became a National Programming head.
This 2010 decade is about e-commerce. I will be a multi-millionnaire soon.
Influenced by
My Parents. Gandhiji. Steve Jobs and Foresst Gump.

Live your Life the way you want to. Follow your heart. YOU ought to be happy wherever you reach.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Unless s/he thinks like a leader s/he can never become one.
You can't lead till you believe you can.
My strongest skill
My Attitude.
My ability to think BIG.
My Ability to take risks.
My ability to bring about a Madness in the Method.
My Creativity and Humour.
More about myself
Nope am alright. Actually I can go on and on and on. But why? Ask and you shall hear.
Brief description about me
Am presently an e-Entrepreneur and Mercenary Writer. Wasn't always like this. Prior to this I was the National Programming head for MY FM where I was part of loads of pioneering work in radio. I headed the team that discovered and launched Chingum Boy. Before that I was the VP and Cluster Programming head with Radio Mirchi. Besides taking care of Gujarat programming, I also was part of the team which launched Sud. During these Mirchi years I was also selected for the prestigious Chevening Scholarship. However, the entrepreneurship bug bit me and I decided to follow my heart. So, today I do a lot of Social networking work, write weekly food columns for TOI's supplements, teach at colleges, travel around the country and abroad, spend time with my family and friends, basically let me heart rule. I will retire in five years from the process of earning money. I would have created my system of wealth. I am loving life and rearing to rule.
Important decision
Trusting my instincts.
A successful journalist joined radio at its nascent stage.
A super successful radio professional gave it all up for his heart.
Now, the most important decision to quit 16 plus years on the job to become an entrepreneur.
Initiative to develop a country
Help themselves and help the society. Be responsible.
Couple of years from now
On every beach of the world.
On top of every mountain possible.
Flying my own Citation Mustang with my son.
Touring every day everywhere.
Meeting people all over the world.
My role model
Foresst Gump.

He can quit everything after super achieving everything. People matter to him, not achievements.
Degree that I recommend
A Masters from a good institute in journalism will help.
Otherwise it is a natural knack for a career in the entertainment world.
I am otherwise a BSc Physics with a keen sense of adventure. Does not help get a job.
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