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Rajiv Sukumar
Rajiv Sukumar

Rajiv Sukumar

Sr. Manager - Technical Program Management



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Family Background
I come from a family where my mother is a doctor and my dad an industrial engineer. I chose the path which no one from my family had selected and joined IT. My wife was a Resource Manager and now a full time mom. We have a 9 month old daughter now. My brother is an Analyst working in UK.
Role Model
This may sound a little self-centered but I have always followed my heart and what I have had passion in. There have been many people who I have come across in my life and I have learnt a lot from them and helped me mould myself into a better person.
Changes in the industry
I havent been in QA or Testing. But I have been involved in orchestrating launches and UAT. Things have surely evolved over the years and now there are better processes in place.
A Fine Balance:
Its one of the truths that we need to accept that being in India, working / overlapping into US hours is inevitable. Sometimes work takes precedence and families do make sacrifices. But companies and managers do give the freedom to employee to best manage his time and work-life balance.
Essential Advice
If they can think outside of the system and prescribed paths, then they can better test the system.
The Journey So Far
It has been little over a decade and I have donned the hat of a Software Engineer, Programmer Analyst, Business Analyst and now Product Manager. I have been involved in a wide variety of business applications in the industry. My main areas of interest being enterprise web applications, online Customer experience and ecommerce platforms.
Currently working at
As Product Manager, I help drive the development and communications of product definition and solution plans to optimize the company’s portfolio.
I use my experience of company’s product/service capabilities and competitive environment to identify new growth areas, new technologies etc.
Points of inflection
Each time I have stepped ahead and into the next stage, it has been a turning point. I have switched roles to move ahead into a new are i.e from being a Programmer Analyst to Business Analyst and from Business Analyst to Product Manager.
Most Important Decisions
One decision was to shift my job to a different company even if it was a junior position that was offered. But the opportunity I saw in it made me grow into a Senior position in no time. There was no looking back after that. Sometimes its ok to take a step back to gain the momentum to surge ahead!
Most Important Lessons
Be aware of what your passion is. You need to be sure of what drives you, what makes you get out of bed and head to work or anything that excites you. Thats when you will succeed. Following the crowd doesnt always help. Stand out !
Plans for the Future
I see myself evangelizing and promoting a capability that will form the foundation of a new platform for the next level of growth !
Degrees that Matter
Parting thoughts
There is no better strength than knowledge and facts. Be sure and no one can get in your way. Its ok to question things and see things differently. Thats how you get noticed and thats what helps you grow.
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