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Ask Rajesh Chavan for Advice
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Rajesh Chavan
Rajesh Chavan

Rajesh Chavan

Business Development Manager

Vervata Co., Ltd

Managing personal and professional life
I basically believe in bit of Planning, but more on execution. Communication is another crutial thing for me. I enpower my team with decision making strength. In the end its a win win for all.
Important career decisions
Every 5 years I look back and do a performance review for myself and see to it that the industry I am working in I have managed to achieved my Goal.

But Joining Wireless industry was the toughest decision I think I have ever made because I had no prior experience and knowledge in this industry. But now when I look back I think I did well over all.
My advice
My only advice is to leverage on People skills. Because managing task and day to day related work is easy. But the toughest job in management is to manage people. One who can learn this art can rule in any industry.

Secondly believe in influence rather than convencing power. The earlier gives you much better result and help elevate onces profile.
Tech Management matters more on
- Subject Know how
- Managing People
- Managing people expecation
Awards and Recognitions
My biggest award was given to me by my subordinates when I was leaving Dell. They organized surprised farewell where in more than 60 staff was present. I still remember that day. For me that was the biggest award so far by date.
Ensuring Growth
I move into different role once I have acheived my Goal in current role. That doesn't mean I jump job, but within an organization there is so much to do and learn.

One must keep open mind and should have a jeal to learn.
Team Management
For me Collaboration based environment is what I feel should be the work place. In such a environment there is high productivity and less people issues.

We have on a daily 5 mins standing meeting (key stake holders) with a coffee. And every friday evening detailed meeting with team with project reporting, issues and risk mitigation followed by drinks. People kind of like it and they tend to open up and speak there mind.
My views on India Technical development
I think we have lot of tallent and potential in making anything. Where we lack and I think is in marketing. We don't have right mind set or skills to take anything to global scale.

India is a huge market and we feel satisfied by selling anything locally. To become big have to think on Global level.
Influenced by
Narayan Murthy from Infosys.

There are many reason, but the most I admire about him is being simple and down to earth person. Even though he is one of the richest man in India. Thats my kind of guy.
Excellence in Management
1. I was able to develop collaboration based work culture. Where everyone in the organization felt they contributed to the success.

2. Developed a platform for the employees to share their idea and areas of improvement (any section). Then recognised best ideas by voting (by employees) and gave them free hands to come up with implementation plan.
Current Job description
The Major roles and responsibility includes:

- Business development opportunity (expand Affiliate and Reseller Market)
- Client Management (Upgrades, Issues and New project)
- Manage online sales Fraud and implement Fraud Prevention strategy.
- Product Management
Leadership qualities
- Planning
- People Management
- Execution
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