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Rahul Upadhyay
Rahul Upadhyay

Rahul Upadhyay

SAP Solution Manager



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Making job easier
Technical magazines and articles which are published in siliconindia help me a lot.
Also it keeps me connected with all the technical things happening in and around. Definitely helps and makes my life easier, magazines like these gives a very goad idea of many technical things which are running currently in the world.
Family Background
Yes, why not.

My father, He is working with a PSU named as BHEL (Jhansi Unit) and currently he is located in Jhansi. We are two brothers and my elder brother is working with CISCO in London (UK), Mother is a housewife and takes care of our home. She is the home minister :)
Books recommended
I will suggest them all the SAP TDMs (certification books) provided by SAP.

Also a very basic book named as RED handbook of SAP Basis. I will also suggest them to get a hands on of the system before immediately jumping into the IT World.
Managing professional as well as personal life
You have to have a right balance. Once you are in office try to be very focused and give your 100 percent, do not try to just roam here and there and waste your time.
Be Focused, take ownership and don't just resolve kill all the technical issues. Best way to escape out of a problem is to resolve it permanently.
Once out from office just leave all things aside and live with Joy. Please do not trouble your family members by telling them or making them understand what you did and how you resolved any issue in office. enjoy your family life.
My achievement
I did certifications very early in career which helped me a lot. The most valuable things that i achieved so far is winning an ACE award here in ACCENTURE which says that i am one of the members in ACCENTURE which truly stands true to tagline "HIGH PERFORMANCE DELIVERED".

Secondly i have always received loads of appreciation from my clients, people for whom i am working and giving them solutions. Treat your CLIENT as if he is GOD, that's the key.
My role model
I don't have any big leader as role model but my role models are person whom i interact with in a day to day life.To name few, my role models are my project managers and if i specifically have to give one name then that person will be my father.He taught me that you don't have to be a superhero to do things which are next to impossible, you just have to be confident, determined and strong hearted.I can recall one saying" When you see a room all FULL then its your mind which is cluttered whereas room still have space left, Free your mind and let it run and think so that you get a 360 degree view"
My advice
Only one advice.
Be confident, determined and open for all kinds of challenges.
1) Prepare and always be reday to learn
2) Strong communication skill
1) Never run from a problem
2) Try to keep yourself engaged and maintain a clear and clean image. Dont mix you personal and professional life ever.
My strongest Skill
1) Troubleshooting
2) Accepting and working in new areas
3) Technically speaking, i am very good in SAP Basis
4) Also primarily i work in SAP Solution Manger area and that too on newer functionality
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
We are lacking due to below areas:
1) Not giving enough time and investing money in R&D
2) No proper funding for upcoming innovative minds
3) less knowledge about entrepreneurship. People are not ready to take risks

We just have to think on how can we eradicate above issues and also govt has to realise and take initiatives
Goals and Ambitions
I want to setup a small company of my own near my hometown. I want to educate people and also get myself involved in giving seminars so that i can contribute towards society.
Current Trends
Many new things are coming in, also there are many upgrades happening so its very important to keep on learning.Running thigs on CLOUD, in memory operations (HANA) and Mobile computing are the new trends.The more you can make it workable, affordable and flixible(easy to use) is HOT and IN.
Challenges faced in job
My job involved not only one module of SAP but it touches and rubs off with lots all the SAP Modules.So you have to have a bit of know how of all the areas.I don't get common issues and each day a new issue ...a new thing ...a new learning.I keep on getting challenges and i just LOVE to FIGHT with these challenges each and every day
Being different
An Engineer has a very unique and different quality. Not all but a TRUE Engineer and that quality is called as "TROUBLESHOOTING".
Give him anything, any task and he can FIX it. But what makes me different is that i believe in not only creating but also documenting and let others also walk my path, so that we don't have to reinvent wheel.
My life is full of technical queries and very tough logical issues. Being involved and working in such environment keeps my mind Super ACTIVE and tats the BEST part.
Company and job profile
Hi All, My name is Rahul Upadhyay and i am an IT Professional working with ACCENTURE, currently located in Pune.
A brief overview about my background, I hail from a place called Jhansi (U.P). I completed my B.TECH from RGTU (Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh) in 2007 and then got placed in L&T Infotech during campus interviews.
I am working as an SAP Technical consultant and primary i am involved with projects which involve administration of entire SAP.
My important career decision
I started off my career as an Mainframe (COBOL) developer and i shifted to SAP when i was given an opportunity, i consider it as a very good decision.
Secondly, leaving or putting aside for a while my SAP Basis work and then starting off with Solution Manager work is also the most important decision.
Growth is when you see yourself in demand and always progressing. I believe how i have made decisions is also based on seeing the challenging and in demand areas in markets.
One advise follow the market very closely and always be connected with technology changes and adjust accordingly.
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