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Rahul Rajput
Rahul Rajput

Rahul Rajput




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My achievements
After injury, ligament tear in toe, doctor advised my career in martial arts is over.. I cant walk fast, running is a nightmare... This was in 2000.
This year (2014), I ran my 5th Mumbai Half Marathon (21 kms). I had to work around my injury and keep my motivation high...And also taking Taekwondo classes for kids and Kick Boxing classes for adults.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Focus, determination, feel the pulse of people, understand the market, tap the potential, understand your own potential, know when the time is right to start or stop a venture.
Ensuring success
Look for opportunities to grow and develop myself through training and self improvement
Degree that I recommend
Black Belt and any martial art
Fitness course from any institutes for basic knowledge
Important lesson learned
Two people are not the same and hence their learning abilities will also not be the same. Though it is a group activity, you still have to draw a plan where all of them, the whole batch enjoys the activity of cardio kickboxing. It is important to know the batch and their interests and keep inventing yourself.
Initiative to develop a country
Pass on your knowledge to others. Dont be afraid of competition because once we get in the mode of giving, we will see that there is a lot of information available for yourself to tap and move ahead and improve. If we hold on to information, we fill be full all the time and will not be able to absorb any knowledge. So give, relax and learn new things.. Keep the cycle of give and take going...
Also, become a expert and help others become one...
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Bring in good teachers. Japan is a very good example of the same. They ensure all best students turn to teaching. Then get the right people set the education system/pattern. Involve the industry experts. For eg, one cannot set the Computer course without interacting with Top 10 Software companies in India.
My strongest skill
Focus, determination and will to continue with all odds...
My family background
A Rajput settled in interior Maharashtra since many generations. Farming is our family occupation. Father came to Mumbai and was one of the microscope expert of his time and has worked with many hospitals/doctors. Mom is a house wife.
I am able to do so many things because of full support from my wife who is also a housewife. Recently she also has started attending Kick Boxing classes and assisting me in Taekwondo class.
More about myself
Started imparting coaching to students in 1995 in Taekwondo (Korean Karate), then joined full time job in call center. Handling both was difficult but kept going somehow. Then moved up the ladder to head the call center as COO. When call center industry was in bad shape, had to move to software industry as Senior Consultant. Conducted my Taekwondo classes too. In 2009 started cardio KickBoxing for adults which was a hit with all as this was a different group activity for them. Currently managing my job as well as martial arts too on weekends. The path was never easy, but I am happy that I could do justice to both :)
Influenced by
Politicians... they never give up. They just don't give up. They will try and try.. find new ways.. new friends and foes.. one after another election.. but will go on...
"No" is not in their dictionary.
Then what stops us from doing our work. Afterall we are doing our hard work.. we just have to do smart work :)
Important decision
To continue or to quit.. many a times had to reassure myself that I am on the right path though it might seem tough at that moment.
Couple of years from now
A full fledged RTA Kick Boxing gym/academy where I will be focusing full time. Currently I am doing along with my job as I can't invest in a Kick Boxing studio. So need funds for the same. With rising real estate, it is all the more difficult..
Brief description about me
Born in 1975 shifted to vashi in 1977. At that time city developing & there was menace of mosquitoes. I got badly affected & used to be very weak & used fall ill with every change in season. Add to it trouble of tonsils. At the age of 13 I started taking lessons in Taekwondo, with this my health started improving & then never looked back. Was not too interested in studies but gave my heart and soul to Taekwondo. Completed my black belt in 1995 and started my own classes. Managed till 1999 and realised, in India it will not be easy to make a living only on martial arts. Just then the call center boom was starting. In 1999 joined Tracmail, one of the pioneers in call center at Vashi Railway station complex. Then moved on to Vagus Infocom where I was heading the operations as COO. The call center industry was going through the bad phase, so we shut it down. I joined Software Company as Consultant.. but continued my martial arts classes... It helped me with inner peace and focus!
My role model
Maharaja Maha Rana Pratap of Mewad (Rajasthan) and Shivaji Maharaj of Maharashtra. They fought the enemy smartly. Their enemy was strong but they ensured they kept their enemy busy and caught them unawares. They also knew how to honour their men and win hearts of people.
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