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Ask Prof Prasad Vln Palukuri for Advice
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Advice Request
Prof Prasad Vln Palukuri
Prof Prasad Vln Palukuri

Prof Prasad Vln Palukuri

Sr Pro

Pinion Infotech Ltd

Personal Description
I am moderately educated but my on job experience gave me immense insights into industry needs. My family is highly educated while the youngsters are surpassing the seniors by leaps and bounds. Women in the family are either equally or more educated compared to male members. We are upper middleclass
Strongest Subject
Wealth Management. Without this knowledge and personal management, once cannot balance his social and economic life at all. This also helps to give advises to many of the friends and relations. This is a knowledge that needs constant updating as well as spreading among young and old alike.BASICTHING
Company that I like
I would like to run my own company which is a "Business Idea Producer" that can be tailored into business solutions and leveraged to industry for adoption and practice. I am a senior in the industry at an age of 59 and having cross functional expertise of nearly 35 years covering Banking n IT +Acad
Bringing change in a company
1. I would introduce a system to LISTEN to what all employees want to say for the progress of the company.
2. I would like to introduce a reward system for good ideas.
3. Would give direct access to any employee to contact the concerned higher-up about complaints and suggestions for company's good.
Innovation Needed
Goondas n peopel with any criminal or sectarian background should be barred from contesting pools. Strict punishment, including debarring from holding positions in a political party, should be introduced for members found guilty of listed offences. Candidate should be first SELECTED and then ELECTED
Bringing changes in the state
Andhra Pradesh. 1.Electricity rationing including agriculture. 2. Cleaning the POLICE Department infusing citizen friendly accountability. 3. Introduce all plans concerning WATER replenishment and supply to one and all.
After 5 years from now
Develop, Build and leverage business solutions to industry for using and getting benefited in enhancing their business and toning up their bottom lines.Would like to encourage seniors in the industry who have identified problems and thought of solutions/patches to leverage the ailing BankingIndustry
Hiring Frashers
I am already experienced and I am not looking to get hired. I am looking for INCUBATION for my imaginative solutions for problems at higher levels in the Banking and Finance Industry where Financial Engineering could the answer for some burning and unattended problems. I am sure of generating 1000%
Being Influenced
My maternal Uncle, Dr R.N.Rao,Prof who rose from mediocre to occupy pivitol positions in the society and was a celebrity both among all his friends and peers at my native but the later generation in the family as well. He guided the upcoming talent suitably to sow seeds of hope and incubated talent.
I had shifted industry to quench my passion for growth and equally guided the younger crop in the family to scale new heights. I am raptly heard among friends and relatives wrt to career focus and development.
Advice that helped me
Inventive perseverence with the help of accumulating experience out of failures at every corner in life. "NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN"
Giving Advice
Accumulate knowledge and experience first and then test the same against industry needs to come-up with solutions for vexing problems being faced day in and day out than once in a blue-moon scenarios.
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