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Prem Anand
Prem Anand

Prem Anand



My role model
i dont have any role model im self made,my motto is work hard earn lots of money
Brief description about me
My Name isradduated from St Josephs College Prem Anand im from Bangalore married with two children,im the proprietor of Travel Grammars im in the business of conducting Foreign and Domestic tours for the last 14 years,my schooling was in St Johns High School Bangalore and Graduated from St Joseph's college Bangalore as well,i got married at the age of 28,i have travelled all the continents in the world
Initiative to develop a country
iTs unfortunate your asking me this question leave alone professionals even God Almighty cannot help India become a developed country for obvious reasons,our political system has gone beyond correction its totally rotten and its fallen into the abyss there is no way we can retrive from that abyss,even a 100 Mahatma Gandhis will not be able to rectify our current society,ours a is caste based and religion centric society,its steeped in corruption our politicians are forced to appease all the sections of the society thereby the very democratic fabric of our constitution is defeated,the day every Indian think that they are equal in every aspects,there should not give any priority to religion nor castes, the only thing matters is our Nation and nothing else but unfortunately even politicians are supporting terrorism for vote banks if any citizen raises his voices he will be silenced overnight by the mafia,in this scenario what professionals can do for india to become a developed COUNTRy
Couple of years from now
Well in a couple of years i would have made some money and will try settling in a far of island there is no hope in the future of India its already rotten beyond imagination
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
hard work,honesty,dedication,perseverance and loyal to your family please do not have extra marital affairs it can ruin you very badly its my personnel experience
Degree that I recommend
In Present day situation only your common sense works if thats there you can survive the hard realities of India
Ensuring success
First of all im self made and by Gods Grace i have the gift of the Gab it takes me places and very helpful in my business i can turn a rust into Gold by my sweet talk
My achievements
in my school days i use to dream that i should travel the whole world and lo my business has taken me to all the beautiful places in the world but the best part of my travel is i never spent a even 1 rupee from my pocket to travel world everything was paid by my clients
Important lesson learned
Never talk ill of others,do not condemn other people,do not pass judgement on other people its upto God Almighty to judge the humans,never cheat other people do not hurt other peoples sentiments.try to be honest,have determination,work hard,respect the elders,dont be jealous,exercise rgularly,be a vegetarian,follow traffic rules,have patience in the traffic so you never will meet with an accident,respect the nature and all the living beings,above all if situation demands die for your country there is no great sacrifice than to lay down your life for your country
Influenced by
no one per se has inspired my life i took the battle of life on my own and have become successful on my own
My family background
My father is from the army,my mother house wife my elder brother is a house keeping manager,my younger brother in the catering business and my sister is also a house wife,im married with 2 kids a son and a daughter,my wife is the house keeper which is quite unfortunate
Important decision
The most important decision i have taken is to enter the travel business i was working for Sahara Airlines as the Airport duty manager but i took the risk of quitting the job and started my own business without a penny in my pocket all that i had to start the business was my sweet talk and rest they is history
My strongest skill
As a fact i really dont have any professional skills i have only common sense how to conduct the business without even a rupee in your pocket and gift of the gab
Thoughts on Education system of our country
since im only arts graduate i dont have the authority to comment anything on the education system of India
More about myself
my message to our youths is be self reliant dont depend on any one for any kind of help,be honest and work hard it will take you places,work hard and please dont expect results overnight
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